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The Island About

In 2019, Lincoln Six-Echo is a resident of a seemingly "Utopian" but contained facility. Like all of the inhabitants of this carefully-controlled environment, Lincoln hopes to be chosen to go to The Island — reportedly the last uncontaminated location on the planet. But Lincoln soon discovers that everything about his existence is a lie.
Gatunek: Action, Thriller, Science Fiction, Adventure
Countries: United States of America
Released on: 20 Jul 2005     Boxoffice: $126000000

Ewan McGregorLincoln Six Echo / Tom Lincoln
Scarlett JohanssonJordan Two Delta / Sarah Jordan
Djimon HounsouAlbert Laurent
Sean BeanDr. Bernard Merrick
Steve BuscemiJames 'Mac' McCord
Michael Clarke DuncanStarkweather Two Delta / Jamal Starkweather
Ethan PhillipsJones Three Echo
Brian StepanekGandu Three Echo
Noa TishbyCommunity Announcer
Siobhan FlynnLima One Alpha
Troy BlendellLaurent Team Member
Jamie McBrideLaurent Team Member
Kevin McCorkleLaurent Team Member
Gary NickensLaurent Team Member
Kathleen Rose PerkinsLaurent Team Member
Katy BoyerHarvest Surgeon
Wendy HainesHarvest Nurse
Glenn MorshowerMedical Courier
Shawnee SmithSuzie
Max BakerChief of Incubation
Phil AbramsObgyn
Svetlana EfremovaMidwife
Randy OglesbyHarvest Surgeon
Yvette Nicole BrownHarvest Nurse
Taylor GilbertHarvest Nurse
Tim HalliganInstitute Coroner
Michael CanavanExtraction Room Doctor
Jimmy SmagulaExtraction Room Technician
Ben TolpinExtraction Room Technician
Rich HutchmanDept. of Operations Supervisor
Gonzalo MenendezDept. of Operations Technician
Olivia TraceyDept. of Operations Agnate
Ray XifoElevator Agnate
Mary Pat GleasonNutrition Clerk
Whitney DylanClient Services Operator
Mitzi MartinAtrium Tour Guide
Shelby LeveringtonTour Group Woman
Don CreechGod-Like Man
Richard V. LicataBoard Member
Chris EllisAces & Spades Barman
Eric StonestreetEd the Trucker
Kenneth HughesCensor
Richard WhitenLaurent Team Member
Robert ShermanAgnate in Pod
Ashley YeganStim Bar Bartender
Lewis DauberTour Group Man
Eamon BehrensCensor
Alex CarterCensor
Kevin DanielsCensor
Grant GarrisonCensor
Brian LecknerCensor
Dakota MitchellCensor
Martin PapazianCensor
Phil SomervilleCensor
Ryan TaszCensor
Kirk WardCensor
Kelvin Han YeeCensor
Don Michael PaulBar Guy
James GranoffSarah's Son
James HartLAPD Officer
Trent FordCalvin Klein Model
Thomas Ely SageGirl at Beach
Jake SolderaLittle Boy in Line
Mark Christopher LawrenceConstruction Worker
Matt McColmCop (uncredited)
Kim CoatesCharles Whitman (uncredited)
Richard John WaltersAgnate (uncredited)


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  • I have watched this movie soooo many times already and I am still not tired of it. OK I confess I really am a big fan of "Jordan Two Delta".


  • Lincoln Six Echo and the Utopian Redemption. Lincoln Six Echo is having vivid dreams about a past existence, here in this Utopian world he lives in, he's starting to question the function of his world. In this perfectly formed existence the inhabitants dream of winning the lottery, the prize? Relocation to an outside paradise known as The Island. After stumbling upon something sinister, Lincoln escapes with fellow inmate Jordan Two Delta, and now the consequences for both of them are as dangerous as it is for the rulers of this strange and intriguing place. If you are entering a movie that is directed by Michael Bay then one can reasonably assume you know what you are going to get, cue explosions, ear splitting sound mix and a host of carnage set pieces. Bay's formula works and mostly his efforts have entertained the popcorn masses. So it's interesting to find that "The Island" does have some intellectual nous in amongst the Bayhem that the director is famed for. Working from a tantalising cloning story written by Caspian Tredwell-Owen (though the similarities to Robert Fiveson's "The Clonus Horror" resulted in a law suit being filed), "The Island" now more than ever is highly engrossing sci-fi in premise, where certainly the ethics of the story's core are worth scrutinising. One of course can argue that Bay was the wrong director for such interesting material, and yes it's a point to note that the characters and plot arcs are not given any depth or a serious second glance, but really we are here for the bang to go with the buck are we not?. Ewan McGregor (Lincoln) and Scarlett Johansson (Jordan) play it just about right, the bemusement of their situation is coupled with daring do heroics, while suitably tongue in cheek performances come from Sean Bean, Djimon Hounsou and a picture stealing Steve Buscemi. This is not a film that is easy to recommend because it can frustrate as much as it entertains, but entertain it does, and with big screen TVs and glorious home cinema a staple requirement for the movie fanatic, "The Island" is something of an essential purchase - check out the highly octane outrageousness of the road pursuit here, it's fabulous through the speakers. A serious topic is given a nonsense sheen for sure, but hell what a blast it is. 7/10


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