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Soundtrack-X.com helps you identify songs from movies and TV shows by explaining what was on screen when the music was playing. Here you’ll find countless movies and TV series with their official soundtrack. Many songs come with a scene description, full audio and often with a timestamp. Soundtrack-X is the largest collection of movie & tv show soundtracks and playlists on the internet. Our content is generated from a combination of our mods as well as our users, so feel free to register if you want to contribute. We also encourage you to take part in the discussion on our forum.




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The soundtracks on Soundtrack-X come from Music Supervisors - the professionals responsible for selecting songs for TV shows and movies - or may be simply submitted by our users: people passionate about music or TV. Movies, songs, scene descriptions and much more can be added by users like you. So do not wait anymore and simply sign up today! You can start contribute anytime! Next time you’re looking for a song that was in a movie or TV show, come visit us!

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The greatest way of getting new soundtracks, listen to complete music from films and TV series, and see when the song plays. We not only provide official tracklists, but also provide complete playlists of every song heard in any movie or TV show. Many of our listings also contain scene descriptions and timelines, making it even easier to find the song you may have heard.

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