What is Soundtrack-X?

Soundtrack-X is one of the biggest collection of movie and tv show soundtracks and playlists on the Internet. We provide official soundtrack listings and complete playlists of every song heard in movies or shows. Some of our listings also contain scene and time descriptions, making it even easier to find the music you may have heard. Our content is generated from a combination of our administrators as well as our users, so go ahead and sign up if you want to contribute.

Where do the songs come from?

Music presented on our website come from official lists released by the show, the people who select the music of the show or movie, artists and labels, official soundtrack albums, and from users like you.

There's a song missing!

In that case we ask you to post your question on the episode or movie page. There are thousands of people here on Soundtrack-X to help. Our community will do their best to find your missing song, and then it should appear on the tracklist.

How to add a song?

Simply click the "Add Song" button. Enter the artist name and song title for the song you heard in that TV show or movie. Remember that you need to be logged in to do this. After you add the song, you will be able to also submit timeline and scene description where music plays.

Can I contribute to the site?

Yes of course. Movies, TV shows, songs, timelines, scene descriptions and much more can be added by our users. You can also use rating system, post comments and join forum discussion. Simply sign up for an account today.

Why am I being asked to log in to do certain things?

We hate spam so much! That's why we ask you to log in for any feature that allows you to post scene descriptions and comments or add songs. And, of course, you will need to log in for anything that requires a notification back to you, like joining forum discussion.

How do you stream music?

All of our music is legally streamed from various API’s. In some cases our 30 second samples are provided courtesy of iTunes or Spotify while our full-length music videos are provided through the YouTube API.


The greatest way of getting new soundtracks, listen to complete music from films and TV series, and see when the song plays. We not only provide official tracklists, but also provide complete playlists of every song heard in any movie or TV show. Many of our listings also contain scene descriptions and timelines, making it even easier to find the song you may have heard.

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