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Find Music From Movies and TV Series is the biggest collection of movie and tv show soundtracks & playlists on the internet. Our full-length music videos are provided through the YouTube API. Movies, songs, scene descriptions and much more can be easily added by our users. Our content is generated from a combination of our moderators as well as our users, so feel free to contribute. We encourage you to sign up and join Soundtrack-X community to take part in forum discussion.




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See Scene Descriptions and Timestamps

As we've mentioned above, here you’ll find countless TV shows and movies with their official soundtrack. Additionally, many songs from a films or series come with a scene description, full audio and often with a timestamp.

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Our scripts download new TV show episodes and recent movies every day. Discover and listen to daily tracklists!

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We help you identify music from movies & TV shows by explaining what was on screen while the songs were playing.

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Identify Music From TV Shows

You don’t know the artist, let alone the song name. The music has been out of your head for a long time, so what can you do acutally? Well, we have often asked ourselves this question. With Soundtrack-X we would like to solve this problem.

The greatest way of getting new soundtracks, listen to complete music from films and TV series, and see when the song plays. We not only provide official tracklists, but also provide complete playlists of every song heard in any movie or TV show. Many of our listings also contain scene descriptions and timelines, making it even easier to find the song you may have heard.

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