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The Habitation soundtrack

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There was a time when Japan’s housing projects, or “danchi,” were the dream homes of the masses. They produced a culture of residency unique to Japan, but today, these towers and their residents have aged. It is human nature to wish to deny the present and idealize the past the more one grows older. The man dedicates what life he has left to restoring the past, and chases after his ideal family and danchi. However, like a river, time can never go backwards. Aiming to bring back the danchi of the past for the sake of his granddaughter's future, the man's passion for his contradictory ideal gradually descends into madness.
Script: Takafumi Kousaka      Gatunek: Family
Countries: JP
Released on: 2 Jun 2018

Shirô SanoShirô SanoSeiji Terauchi
Rika AdachiRika AdachiEriko Sakurai
Takaya SakodaTakaya SakodaTakashi Sakurai
Shigenori YamazakiShigenori YamazakiTeppei Kaneda
Mayumi AsakaMayumi AsakaFumiyo Kikuchi
Hatsuo YamayaHatsuo YamayaHitoshi Terauchi
Kyôko EnamiKyôko EnamiKayoko Azuma


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