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The Crow Road soundtrack

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History student Prentice returns home to attend his grandmother’s funeral. As the McHoan family gathers together to mark the solemn occasion, old disagreements continue to fester and old acquaintances are renewed. Following the unexpected death of another close relative, Prentice begins to question the past: why did his Uncle Rory suddenly disappear and where did he go? Reading his Uncle Rory’s unpublished novel may provide the answers he is seeking but it also unearths some dark family secrets he didn’t bargain for.
Director: Gavin Millar    Gatunek: Drama
Countries: GB
Released on: 3 Nov 1996

Joe McFaddenJoe McFaddenPrentice McHoan
Bill PatersonBill PatersonKenneth McHoan
Peter CapaldiPeter CapaldiRory McHoan
Dougray ScottDougray ScottLewis McHoan
Claire NeilsonClaire NeilsonAunt Antonia
Joseph McFaddenJoseph McFadden
Valerie EdmondValerie EdmondAshley Watt
Stella GonetStella GonetFiona Urvill
David RobbDavid RobbFergus Urvill
Patricia KerriganPatricia KerriganJanice
Paul YoungPaul YoungHamish McHoan
Alex NortonAlex NortonLachlan Watt
Elizabeth SinclairElizabeth SinclairMary McHoan
Simone BendixSimone BendixVerity
Jenny RyanJenny RyanHelen Urvill
Sarah GudgeonSarah GudgeonDianna Urvill
Irene SuntersIrene SuntersMrs. McSpadden
Stephen McColeStephen McColeDean Watt
Ian BustardIan BustardDroid
Julie AustinJulie AustinLizzie


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