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Black Cinderella soundtrack: complete list of songs used in the movie/tv show/game.
Black Cinderella soundtrack
Season 1

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Abema original new story. Kamiya Manaha is a high school girl with little confidence in herself. Her dream since she was a child was to enter the Miss Seiran Contest, a beauty pageant that decides who is the most beautiful girl in school. Manaha calls herself a super ordinary girl but one day she gets a chance to enter the pageant. She then meets Tachibana Keigo, a narcissistic, perfect, national treasure-level handsome guy, and Shimamura Sora, a mysterious transfer student. On the day of the contest, Manaha is just a step away from her dream stage…

Countries: JP
Released on: 21 Apr 2021

Fuju KamioFuju Kamio
Mizuki ItagakiMizuki Itagaki
Nagami ReaNagami Rea
Miu SuzukiMiu Suzuki


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