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Neue Vahr Süd soundtrack
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Frank Lehmann, 20, still lives with his parents in the dreary high-rise housing project "Neue Vahr" in Bremen. It's the year 1980 and Frank gets drafted to the army even though his friends assure him that "he's not really the guy for it". When he gets back home, after his first week at the army, his Dad has turned his room into a TV repair shop, so Frank has to move out. Luckily his old friend Martin is starting a commune with two other Punks in Bremens leftist borough "Viertel". Frank, without further ado rents the unlivable walk-through room. From now on Frank is a traveler between the Worlds. Each week he goes from the Army, with all the unconditional rules and regulations to the commune where his friends are preaching the world revolution. Frank is trying to avoid to stick out, but fails miserably, in both worlds.
Gatunek: Comedy
Countries: Germany
Released on: 29 Nov 2010     Boxoffice: unknown

Frederick LauFrank Lehmann
Eike WeinreichMartin Klapp
Miriam SteinSibille
Hinnerk SchönemannFeldwebel Tietz
Albrecht SchuchHarry Klein
Rosalie ThomassBirgit
Robert GwisdekAchim
Daniel MichelWolli
Johannes KlaußnerRalf Müller
Margarita BroichFrank's Mutter
Ulrich BähnkFrank's Vater
Josef MattesRekrut Reinboth
Ulrich MatthesHauptmann und Kompaniechef
Patrick JoswigHeiner
Jan-Peter KampwirthUnteroffizier Pilz
Steffen WillHorst
Hans Martin StierHauptfeldwebel Tappert


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