Knight Rider s04e01 soundtrack

Knight Rider s04e01 tracklist

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Knight Rider s04e01 soundtrack
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Episode title: Knight of the Juggernaut

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Knight Rider s04e01 About

Michael and K.I.T.T.'s latest assignment, to guard a volatile new isotope in Chicago, looks as if it could be their last, when the late Wilton Knight's daughter Jennifer plans to shut down their division of FLAG, and suspends Michael. But meanwhile, international terrorist Phillip Nordstrom kidnaps Devon, and uses hi-tech laser surgery on a criminal to create an impostor, as part of Nordstrom's plot to get his hands on the valuable isotope. Even though suspended, Michael becomes suspicious of (the impostor) Devon's behaviour and investigates – but Nordstrom plans to get rid of their interference, coating K.I.T.T. in a chemical to break down his molecular amour coating, before turning loose ""The Juggernaut"" – a deadly mobile battering ram...
Gatunek: Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Countries: US
Released on: 19 Sep 1985     Boxoffice: unknown

David HasselhoffMichael Knight
Edward MulhareDevon Miles
William DanielsK.I.T.T. (voice)
Patricia McPhersonBonnie Barstow
Peter ParrosRC3
Wren T. BrownGang Member #2
Blair UnderwoodPotts
Sandy MaschmeyerReceptionist
Richard FullertonFrank
Nicholas WorthHower
Pamela Susan ShoopMarta Simmons
Luis ContrerasVoice #2
John ConsidinePhillip Nordstrom
Mary Kate McGeehanJennifer Knight
Mary WoronovDr. Von Furst
Laurence HaddonLloyd


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  • To this day, it is not known whether androids really dream of electric sheep, but we can say with certainty that people have always dreamed of self-driving cars, with which you could also talk. The latter motif appeared already in the 60's of the previous century, in the completely unsuccessful and today almost completely forgotten American sitcom "My mother the car". Its main character was a man talking to his recently deceased mother, whose soul - for some reason - got stuck in his 1928 Porter car. Although viewers from the USA - to put it mildly - do not esteem this production, once considering it in a survey as the second worst television position, right after "The Jerry Springer Show", the NBC bosses did not fall asleep pears in the ashes and two decades later decided to return to topic of a talking car, but this time in a completely different convention. The originator of the series, later known as "Knight Rider", was Glen A. Larson, a famous television producer, with such series as "Alias Smith and Jones", "Magnum, PI", and above all - the best-rated and extremely popular - "Battlestar Galactica". His latest work was to center around Michael Knight, an ex-cop formerly known as Michael Arthur Long, who is rescued by a mysterious billionaire, Wilton Knight, after being shot almost to death. The latter provides him with a new face and identity in exchange for the promise of active participation in a new project whose mission is to bring law and justice to American streets, as well as to defend the poor and oppressed from criminals. A certain clue that organized all the ideas around the new production was the concept of creating a modern, technological version of the classic "Rider from nowhere". And our "Fearless" would probably be an absolutely standard TV production of its time, if not for the second key character, i.e. the famous K.I.T.T. Behind this abbreviation was the development of Knight Industries Two Thousands, which in a funny way emphasizes how much the year 2000 was treated at the end of the previous century, which in many productions was almost synonymous with modernity. In Knight Rider, of course, he was referring to a special car model, equipped with the most modern weapons and defense systems, which also had its own personality. The popularity of the series was built largely on the numerous interactions of the aforementioned Michael Knight with his machine.


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