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The collected novels of the almanac reflect the picture of the world as it is seen by modern people — as a systematic and no longer surprising chaos, through which you need to wade, preferably with your head held high. In such a world, women's variability and the ability to instantly change their decision to the exact opposite is no longer a disadvantage, but an advantage. According to the authors of the almanac, it is the ability to change your mind that makes a woman a heroine of today. Because in a world that has gone completely mad, there is no place for final decisions.
Gatunek: Comedy
Countries: Russia
Released on: 26 May 2021     Boxoffice: unknown

Natalya Anisimova
Ivan Mulin
Alexandr Dmitriev
Yuliya Dzhulai
Yuliya Nefedova
Aleksandr Yatsenko
Nadezhda Lumpova
Yulianna Mikhnevich


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