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Clocking Off s03e04 soundtrack
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Episode title: Julie's Story

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Julie (Siobhan Finneran) is a Mackintosh old hand. She's a strange girl really - mid thirties, lives at home with her parents, popular, kind and generous but not truly close to anyone. As for a love life: non-existent. She feels a vague emptiness inside, but nothing she's ever dealt with. Life just goes on, day by day, same old thing. Its not as if she's actually unhappy. Then her brother, Robert (Phil Cornwell), the big success of the family, comes over for a visit from his home in Hong Kong. Julie is over the moon because although he's a bit of a bolshie bloke, she adores him. He's done well - successful job, happy marriage, two beautiful girls. And out of the blue, he offers Julie some of his good fortune: why doesn't she come out to Hong Kong too - they'd be together, she'd see more of her nieces, earn loads of money, make a new start. Back in the bedroom she's had since she was a kid, Julie realises how small her world is. Hong Kong looks tempting - frightening but tempting. Could
Script: Daniel Brocklehurst, Richard Zajdlic, Jan McVerry      Gatunek: Drama
Countries: GB
Released on: 20 Feb 2002     Boxoffice: unknown

David Morrissey
Christopher EcclestonJames 'Jim' Calvert
Philip GlenisterJames 'Mack' Mackintosh
Jason MerrellsMartin Leach
Siobhan FinneranJulie O'Neill
Nicola StephensonSuzie Davidson
Ben CromptonBarney Watson
Christine TremarcoKatherine Mackintosh
Derek RiddellJamie Campbell
Jack DeamKev Leach
Lesley SharpTrudy Graham
Pam FerrisPat Fletcher
Susan CooksonJanice Piper
Wil JohnsonSteve Robinson
William AshNick Anderson
Phil Cornwell
James Murray
Sophie Okonedo


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