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"Developed as a research for a future film about a cemetery of elephants. The research is based on classic adventure films, Lost World literature adaptations and exotic adventure films from the '30s, '40s, '50s, '60s, the golden period of adventure in cinema. These archive works are experimental notes of some of the techniques and visions that will inhabit the film, they represent a new approach to sound and image. An overwhelming experiment with the audiovisual matter."
Gatunek: Documentary

Released on: 16 May 2010     Boxoffice: unknown


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  • The protagonist of "Bardo" is Silverio Gama (Daniel Giménez Cacho) - a valued journalist and documentary filmmaker living in Los Angeles, who returns to his native Mexico after a decade and a half of immigration. The man will soon be honored with a prestigious international award, so a short visit to his homeland is to be a triumphal tour of the media and banquets for him. However, it soon turns out that Silveria's old garbage is full of problems. His compatriots do not let him forget that he abandoned his country for a devilish neighbor from the north. The fear of old age and passing is staring into the eyes. The wife reproaches for selfishness and sacrificing loved ones on the altar of career. The growing offspring - born in Mexico but raised in the USA - struggle with an identity crisis. And as if that were not enough, the memory of the tragedy from years ago does not give peace. To say that Iñárritu aims high is to say nothing. The author of "Birdman" clearly aspires that his new film will one day be placed in one line with such on-screen rides through the subconscious of the heroes as "Eight and a Half" by Fellini and "Where the Wild Strawberries Grow" by Bergman. From the very first scene, in which a mysterious figure casts a long shadow soars into the skies and soars over the desert, we sense that the four-time Oscar winner is heading towards the absolute. "Bardo" is both a story about the high price of success, a diagnosis of diseases that have been plaguing Mexico for hundreds of years, a shocking account of the world of illegal immigrants, a treatise on the superiority of fiction over truth, and finally a meditation on death (the title of the film, derived from Buddhist philosophy, means a transitional state between the end of life and rebirth). However, the enumeration above is only a fraction of the film's problems. One gets the impression that while writing the script, the director decided to clear his head of all, literally ALL, thoughts that have been fluttering in his head for the last few years. Courageous self-therapy or rather shameless megalomania? Everything everywhere at once. In Bardo, however, the form in which the director conveys them is more important than social diagnoses and existential reflections. With Iñárritu, even an inconspicuous dialogue scene in the apartment must be a carefully planned long shot, in which Darius Khondji's moving camera captures every free inch of space. The director weaves the planes of reality and delusions so fluently and recklessly that "Birdman", shot in a similar style, looks like a modest exercise. Iñárritu can go without warning from a talk about strained U.S.-Mexico relations to a battle staged like a vaudeville. Even better is the long sequence of the party in honor of Silverio, which is associated with the memorable opening of "The Deer Hunter", ending with a crazy dance to the sounds of "Let's dance" by David Bowie in the a capella version. Watching it, I sighed heavily, thinking of moviegoers who will only be able to watch the film on Netflix. It needs to be emphasized: even on the big screen, the overwhelming three-hour "Bardo" puts serious demands on the audience. It's easy to get discouraged, especially when you can press the stop button and click on the next window at any time. However, if you persevere to the end, there is a chance that unforgettable images will remain under your eyelids, a sandstorm will rage under your skull, and maybe you will even shed a tear. Good luck!


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