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Yellowstone s05e04 soundtrack
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Episode title: Horses in Heaven

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Big Sky
/5  (
added on: 3 Dec 2022
Toksa Ake'
/5  (
added on: 3 Dec 2022
The Good I'll Do
/5  (
added on: 3 Dec 2022
Cocktails For 2
/5  (
added on: 3 Dec 2022
New Friends
/5  (
added on: 3 Dec 2022
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Yellowstone s05e04 About

John makes swift changes at the Capitol; later, he receives some advice from Senator Perry; the venom between Jamie and Beth reaches a boiling point.
Gatunek: Drama, Western
Countries: US
Released on: 26 Nov 2022     Boxoffice: unknown

Kevin CostnerJohn Dutton
Kelly ReillyBeth Dutton
Luke GrimesKayce Dutton
Wes BentleyJamie Dutton
Kelsey AsbilleMonica Dutton
Brecken MerrillTate Dutton
Cole HauserRip Wheeler
Gil BirminghamThomas Rainwater
Jefferson WhiteJimmy Hurdstrom
Ryan BinghamWalker
Denim RichardsColby
Ian BohenRyan
Forrie J. SmithLloyd
Finn LittleCarter
Wendy MonizLynelle Perry
Jennifer LandonTeeter
Mo Brings PlentyMo Brings Plenty
Kathryn KellyEmily
Rudy RamosFelix Long
Piper PeraboSummer Higgins
Jake ReamJake
Ethan LeeEthan
Matthew DownsTrooper Mark Rigby
Dawn OlivieriSarah Atwood
Lilli KayClara Brewer
Glade QuinnGlade
Ashley PlatzHailey Brewer
Chase RamseyDale Medders
Stacey HinnenJeffrey Hayes
Emil BeheshtiStanley Roberts
Jarrett WorleyDetective Weller
Truett AllenLilly
Ashlyn AniDaria
David AtkinsonDelbert Mitchell
Christopher SandersBrian
Frank KanigRandy
Boo ArnoldRanger Art Hansen
Danielle ThorpeGuard


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  • The time of westerns has gone forever. Although it may seem unacceptable to some, this genre has been overlooked by most respected artists for many decades. Of course, there are exceptions, such as "Django" or "The Hateful Eight" by Tarantino or "True Grit" by the Coen brothers, but generally speaking - this genre is not fashionable, as it was in the mid-twentieth century. Gunslingers, duels at noon and sheriffs who have to bring justice to a band of cutthroats fascinate few anymore, because we saw everything in the golden age of the western. Therefore, I was quite surprised to hear that Paramount Channel decided in 2018 to make a serial western titled "Yellowstone". A thing - at least seemingly - redundant and definitely too American. The creators of the series are Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, who invited Kevin Costner, Kelly Trilly, Cole Hauser and Luke Grimes to cooperate. While the cast may be impressive, the name of the former was especially interesting, because for many reasons it was a perfect fit for a production that was to be set in Montana and focus on a family of ranchers there. People who follow one rule in life - my land is mine and no one has the right to enter it. As I mentioned, "Yellowstone" is about a family of ranchers, specifically the Duttons. People who have been in control - for many years - of a vast ranch, the largest in the USA, which borders on an Indian reservation, Yellowstone National Park and the land of rich and influential developers. As you can easily guess, all parties are interested in the land belonging to John Dutton. However, this one - acting in the name of his own principles, ruthless and vindictive - has no intention of giving his heritage to anyone. In the fight on three fronts, he is supported by his ruthless daughter Beth, as well as three sons: Jamie, Kayce and Lee. Although, it may seem so, sometimes they are in a no-win situation, they always manage to cope. However, they act for a just cause - at least that's what they believe.


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