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Willow s01e02 soundtrack
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Episode title: The High Aldwin

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Hurdy Gurdy Man
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added on: 2 Dec 2022
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Released on: 29 Nov 2022     Boxoffice: unknown


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  • Short in stature, but with a big heart, the hero sets out with his companions on an adventure-filled and dangerous journey to stop the evil queen who wields black magic. Sounds familiar? Without a doubt, because it must be honestly admitted that originality has never been one of the strengths of "Willow" - Ron Howard's 1988 film, which many of you may associate from childhood as one of the representatives of the kitschy fantasy trend from years ago. Maybe not as iconic as "The Neverending Story", but certainly remembered with a hint of nostalgia by many viewers. But are these memories enough to base a series on them? Contrary to appearances, this is the wrong question. Because the series "Willow" in question (and the first two episodes of which you can already watch on Disney+) is in no way preying on nostalgia. Of course, she plays her part in this story, but it is by no means the main role, but at most a secondary or even a third one. The production by Jonathan Kasdan (screenwriter of the movie "Han Solo: A Star Wars Story") pays respect to the original and its fans, but it definitely wants to stand on its own two feet and does it with really good effect. The story begins years after the events of the film, the knowledge of which is of course advisable, but also optional - where necessary, the series explains everything and even offers film snapshots. We find ourselves in the kingdom of Tir Asleen, ruled by Queen Sorsha (returning to the role of Joanne Whalley), and over which, after years of peace, darkness is coming again. The Rotten Witch's monstrous minions kidnap the queen's son, Airk (Dempsey Bryk, "Horse Whisperers"), taking him to the Eternal City beyond the Broken Sea. In lands where no daredevil has set foot yet. Until, of course. Here are even a few daredevils who set out on a rescue mission. Among them, of course, is the former Nelwyn farmer, now the wizard Willow (Warwick Davis, who still emanates the same positive energy as years ago), this time acting as a master and teacher for the younger heroes. All this colorful and rather bizarrely constructed team will play together during the mission, which, of course, will not be without a whole lot of problems. The heroes are faced with numerous obstacles, enemies waiting for them, expected and quite surprising dangers, and above all internal conflicts, because each of the daredevils has a separate story. Each is also so expressive and well-written that their personal threads do not blend into the background, making the plot something more than just a trivial completion of subsequent quests. Sure, it's still a simple scenario leading from point A to B, but it's so varied that this simplicity doesn't get in the way. In fact, over the seven (out of eight) episodes that I've already seen, I can say that the further you go, the more interesting it gets, and not because of the characters approaching the goal.


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