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Titisan Nenek Lampir soundtrack
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Titisan Nenek Lampir About

Susy has an abortion, as she is ashamed of her unmarried pregnancy. Nenek Lampir kills her because of this, and her spirit then returns to the world of the living as a beautiful woman, to attract men. She becomes the incarnation of Nenek Lampir so Susy becomes a wild, sexual dangerous woman thirsty for blood. She turns three men into her zombie followers, and they then wreak havoc in the village. Jamal, a religious man, is unsuccessful against them until Kyai Abdullah, who is more powerful arrives. He exorcizes Susy, and releases the three men from her influence.
Gatunek: Horror
Countries: Indonesia
Released on: 20 Apr 1989     Boxoffice: unknown

Yulli Faraz
Dewi RatnaningsihSusy
Tino KarnoJamal
Elviana Corbi
Gino Makasutji
Bung Salim
Tonny Hidayat
Firman Nurjaya
Alwi ASKyai Abdullah
Nani Odink


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