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This Is Nollywood soundtrack
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Humble prince
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added on: 11 Jul 2022
Loved by you
/5  (
added on: 20 Jul 2022
fantasy Soundtrack
/5  (
added on: 27 Aug 2022
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Soundtrack for love games 

Added: 7/2/2022

Where can I see the Nollywood song Ife onye metalu ya buru ooo 

Added: 7/12/2022

Please who sing the song on a inches apart movie 

Added: 7/16/2022

| Player gets played

Added: 8/22/2022

| Name of the Background muzic in the nigerian movie called player gets played

Added: 8/22/2022

What's the name of the Nigerian movie where the background music was " write your name across my heart " 

Added: 7/24/2022

Please I need the soundtrack of everything it takes movie, ft Emma emordi and kenechukwu ezeh 

Added: 7/25/2022

| The sound track on “Everything it takes”the movie featured by Emma Emmordi and Kenechukwu Ezekiel

Added: 11/28/2022

Who sing the song played on the movie , ayer gets played  

Added: 8/22/2022

I want to hear the soundtrack to A new world love 

Added: 8/25/2022

Hello who sing the song with this lyric : there is a pain in my heart and wound in my soul it hurting me I woke up in the morning still stucked in yesterday I wish tomorrow never comes but I just want you to know that I love you  

Added: 8/26/2022

Please, can you tell me the title of the song in Superstar (starring Nancy Isime) that has the line " amaram Ife ge meh"? 

Added: 8/26/2022

How can I get the song in portrait of love 

Added: 8/26/2022

Please what's the name of the song played in the movie, it look like love  

Added: 8/28/2022

Please who sing the song in who will be the chosen bride in Nigerian movie  

Added: 8/29/2022

Soundtrack of the movie the only eye 

Added: 9/10/2022

Who sang the song in hopefully yours  

Added: 9/21/2022

Pls I want have the soundtrack of the Movie village superstar nollywood  

Added: 9/22/2022

Please who sing the song in the tokumbo movie and what is the title  

Added: 9/25/2022

Pls what is the name of d song used in Nollywood movie it looks like love featuring ray emodi and ebube nwagbo 

Added: 9/29/2022

What is the song called in the movie " hey you " (2022) that's playing in the club at Efe irele birthday when she's grinding on him?  

Added: 10/3/2022

Who sang the song in borrowed wealth movie  

Added: 10/6/2022

What are names of songs used in ON THE SIDE 

Added: 10/8/2022

Who sings the song my body’s on fire I’m the fil the escort  

Added: 10/19/2022

Who sang body’s on fire the escort movie  

Added: 10/19/2022

Who sang body’s on fire the escort movie  

Added: 10/19/2022

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The story of Nigeria's home grown film industry, which is gaining recognition as a cultural and cinematic phenomenon.

Countries: Nigeria
Released on: 28 Jul 2007     Boxoffice: unknown


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  • Please I need to know the artiste who did the soundtrack in Nollywood movie ‘Chioma my love’


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