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The Lady Medic About

A man is desperately trying to avoid mandated military service, but a sexy medic proves to be his undoing.
Gatunek: Comedy
Countries: Italy
Released on: 31 Dec 1975     Boxoffice: unknown

Edwige FenechDoctor Elena Dogliozzi
Alvaro VitaliAlvaro Pappalardo
Alfredo PeaGianni Montano
Carlo Delle PianeMedical captain
Gianfranco D'AngeloProf. Federico Frustalupi
Mario CarotenutoColonel Farina
Guerrino CrivelloArmando Mazzucca, the soldier without genital organs
Angelo PellegrinoOreste Marmittoni, the transvestite
Dante CleriPatient in the garden
Nino TerzoNurse Pezzullo
Renzo OzzanoVoyeur soldier
Lucio MontanaroSoldier from Bari
Maria De SistiFarfallina
Jimmy il FenomenoNun washing the floor
Grazia Di MarzàNun
Francesco NarducciDoctor
Franca Scagnettipassante
Dante ConaSick man
Alfonso TomasNicola the hairdresser


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  • When calibrating softcore movies, one has to use a different yardstick to review and rate them. That yardstick has to be adjusted again when evaluating American vs. European softcore (I personally prefer the Euro ones). The unstated but ultimate purpose of these flix is not only to entertain but to stimulate the viewer, and the best do both. But there are very few that succeed. If you don't believe this, I envy your naiveté. Unfortunately, this one does neither, and not even the inclusion of 70`s Eurosiren Edwige Fenech can get this one off life-support. It's set in a military hospital where the new recruits fake all sorts of illnesses to avoid reporting for active duty. There's not much more plot than that, the comedy is vulgar toilet humor coupled with stupid-facial-expressions that permeate the worst of Italian comedies. Poorly dubbing it in English only makes it more painful to endure. The highlight of this silly farce is a dream sequence with Edwige Fenech naked on a hospital bed while a nun is farting soap bubbles...if you want to see the splendid virtues of Fenech in decent comedies, go with 'The Virgo, The Taurus And The Capricorn', 'Lover Boy', 'Cattivi Pensieri' or 'Giovannova Long Thigh'. And I'm STILL waiting for someone to re-release 'Sex With A Smile' and it's sequel... but I've always been a dreamer...


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