Stranger Things s04e08 soundtrack

Stranger Things s04e08 tracklist

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Stranger Things s04e08 soundtrack
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Episode title: Chapter Eight: Papa

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Full List of Songs:

Natty Dread On the Go
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
Twilight's Fires
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
Up Around the Bend
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
Fire and Rain
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo (Single Version)
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
Eleven's Theme
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) [Bryce Miller/Alloy Tracks Remix]
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
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Stranger Things s04e08 About

Gatunek: Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama
Countries: US
Released on: 30 Jun 2022     Boxoffice: unknown

Winona RyderJoyce Byers
David HarbourJim Hopper
Millie Bobby BrownJane “Eleven” Hopper
Finn WolfhardMike Wheeler
Gaten MatarazzoDustin Henderson
Caleb McLaughlinLucas Sinclair
Noah SchnappWill Byers
Sadie SinkMax Mayfield
Natalia DyerNancy Wheeler
Charlie HeatonJonathan Byers
Joe KeerySteve Harrington
Maya HawkeRobin Buckley
Brett GelmanMurray Bauman
Priah FergusonErica Sinclair
Matthew ModineMartin Brenner
Paul ReiserSam Owens
Eduardo FrancoArgyle
Joseph QuinnEddie Munson
Sherman AugustusLt. Col. Jack Sullivan
Mason DyeJason Carver
Nikola ĐuričkoYuri Ismaylov
Martie Marie BlairYoung Eleven
Tom WlaschihaDmitri Antonov
Amybeth McNultyVickie
Nikolai NikolaeffIvan
Tristan SpohnTwo
J.R. AdduciSoldier
Chloe AdonaNine
Sasha AndreevControl Room Technician
Nick BardinTall Guard
Jason CovielloHelicopter Sniper Pilot
Eddie CraddockAnnoyed Neighbor #2
Rob FrancoExplosives Specialist
Jeremiah FriedlanderFourteen
Morgan GaoThree
Ethan GreenSixteen
Oliver GreenSeventeen
Charity HitchcockScientist #3
Cindy HoganAnnoyed Neighbor
Roger IvensHelicopter Sniper
David Alexander KaplanTwelve
Euguen LeonControl Room Guard
James LoganGun Counter Clerk
Aleksandr KrasnopolskiyControl Room Scientist
Mason MecarteaDan Shelter
Jessica Arden NapierFive
Sparrow NicoleFour
Olivia SembraEighteen
Steve StaffordHelicopter Pilot
Artur SvorobovichPrison Booth Guard #1
Lana Jean TurnerSeven
Jason VailLead Lab Guard
Bentley WilliamsFifteen
Hendrix YanceyThirteen
Vaidotas MartinaitisWarden Melnikov
Paris BenjaminAgent Stinson
Clayton JohnsonAndy
Raphael LuceYoung Henry Creel
Jamie Campbell BowerVecna


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Movie/TV Show Reviews:

  • great episode, i love this tv series, cheers


  • great show!


  • The first thing that caught my eye was the atmosphere of the whole production. In terms of scary and horror claw, it surpasses everything that has previously been offered by Stranger Things. The atmosphere there is really heavy and dense, which will definitely suit viewers with strong nerves. However, despite this, the series has not forgotten its roots, which is why what leads the way in it is still the all-encompassing mystery. At this point, I must admit that the production has reached the golden mean of balancing between action and calm. The viewer is not constantly bombarded with new threats and situations, and there is always a moment of breath between important and difficult moments. Also worth mentioning is the main antagonist of the season, who seems to be the only negative character in the series (if not the only one overall) with such a well-developed backstory and motives, thanks to which we actually know why he behaves the way he does. In short, in terms of execution, season four is by far the best done.


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