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Station 19 s06e06 soundtrack
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Episode title: Everybody Says Don't

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/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
Something in the Water
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
With the Devil I'm Going Down
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
I Will Rise (feat. ASHBY)
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
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Station 19 s06e06 About

Gatunek: Drama
Countries: US
Released on: 9 Nov 2022     Boxoffice: unknown

Jaina Lee OrtizAndy Herrera
Jason GeorgeBen Warren
Boris KodjoeCaptain Robert Sullivan
Grey DamonJack Gibson
Barrett DossVictoria Hughes
Jay HaydenTravis Montgomery
Okieriete OnaodowanDean Miller
Danielle SavreMaya Bishop


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Movie/TV Show Reviews:

  • Based on the book Station 11 by Emily St. The John Mandel series on the HBO Max streaming platform makes a difficult attempt to combine an entertaining series about the apocalypse and an ambitious hard sci-fi production reminiscent of Gilliam's 12 Monkeys. By the way, by the way - if my memory does not fail me - it hits its time perfectly, presenting a pandemic apocalypse on the screen during an actual pandemic apocalypse. Before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the first two episodes of Station Eleven were already ready. The creators of the series do not hide, however, that real emotions related to the real pandemic helped give the series its final shape. The action of the Station Eleven series is presented on two timelines. This is crucial for the development of its plot, because this production does not emphasize spectacular plot twists that would take your shoes off. You won't actually find such ones here, and the viewer's interest is rather maintained by curiosity about what events from the past influenced what is happening in the present of the series twenty years later. It all develops quite slowly, but systematically, fitting another piece of the puzzle into its place in each episode. Everything is carefully thought out here, although waiting for the right puzzle to jump in where it needs to be is sometimes too long. Hence the falling asleep mentioned in the introduction, facilitated by the ambitious formula of the series, which is more than a spectacular view from the future. Station Eleven is all about consequences. Everything that happens in the series is well motivated here and has its background in the past and decisions made at that time. The consequences of these actions will be heard louder or less resonantly years later, and the heroes will have to face their past. This makes it a relief to forget about the belejakness of the plot in this series. Not all of the characters in the series will make it to the end, but if they say goodbye to life earlier, each death will be justified, which will make it more moving. Station Eleven does not offer easy solutions and does not present easy threads. Everything is here for something. There is no shortage of thrilling moments in Station Eleven. The biggest impression is made by theatrical performances, which on the one hand are limited by the realities of the post-apocalypse, and on the other hand make great use of the harshness of this future. This contributes to the amazing atmosphere that accompanies them. By the way, the costume designers who have prepared some really ingenious pearls rise to the top of their skills. Thus, these performances are absorbed with a similarly delighted face as their series viewers, for whom these few hours of Shakespeare are sometimes the only sign of normality in an abnormal world. Although let's not exaggerate with this abnormality of the presented world, because Station Eleven is also characterized by the lack of an easy division into the good and the bad. The latter make life difficult for the characters, but the world of the series is above all a world of hope that even after the Holocaust you can try to live normally. It's not like in The Walking Dead, for example, that every time an asylum is found, there will also be a group of new psychopaths. It's not that existence in the post-apocalyptic world is a bed of roses, but that's not what Station Eleven is about, pitting heroes against bloodthirsty bandits. This is a series about the consequences of one's choices, not about the consequences of living in a world after the Holocaust. You are probably thinking the same as me now. He made him fall asleep, and then whacked out a few paragraphs of praise about the wonders that await the viewer at Station Eleven. As I mentioned at the beginning, the longer time passes since the screening, the more I like the series, hence the effect in the review. However, I did not forget that while watching I came across far too many fragments that, despite only ten episodes of the series, blurred it too much to lean too much on specific events. You wait for answers, and they talk, look into space, think. The authors of the series have time for everything and, on the one hand, they burn the whole episode in the airport terminal or in a barricaded apartment, and on the other, they celebrate it all too much, probably only to achieve a level of artistry that is superior to the plot. And I prefer the artistry to accompany the story, not the other way around. At the same time, it's not all that simple, and probably if I was less tired while watching, I wouldn't be bitten by doubts about the genre: the series is great, and yet I fell asleep on it. With 2022 and the constant decline in the number of visitors to Q-Blog, it would have to be shut down rather than introduce new products, but whatever. I think it's high time to introduce the same summaries and ratings as in the case of movie reviews to the series reviews. I haven't done it yet, but who said everything is forever.


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