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Rauta-aika (The Age of Iron) is a dramatic four-part miniseries completed in 1982 by Finnish broadcast network Yle TV2. The production attempts to adapt the national epic of Finland, the Kalevala, for the television audience by way of humanizing the mythological characters whose thoughts and actions drive the narrative. The protagonists of Rauta-aika, Väinö, Ilmari and Lemminki, have been inspired by the tales in the Kalevala and go in search of a woman, eventually finding themselves at war with the Nordic people, and in the end pay dearly for their pursuits.

Countries: FI
Released on: 27 Feb 1982

Kalevi KahraKalevi KahraVäinö
Vesa-Matti LoiriVesa-Matti LoiriIlmari
Tom WentzelTom WentzelLemminki
Kari HeiskanenKari HeiskanenJouko
Sara PaavolainenSara PaavolainenAino
Elle KullElle KullKyllikki
Mikko NiskanenMikko NiskanenTiera
Esko SalminenEsko SalminenPohjola
Pirkko-Liisa TikkaPirkko-Liisa TikkaThe Golden Woman
Soli LabbartSoli LabbartLemminki's mother
Kaija PakarinenKaija PakarinenLemminki's sister
Kristiina HalkolaKristiina HalkolaPohjola's wife
Lena MeriläinenLena MeriläinenPohjola's daughter
Eila HalonenEila HalonenTiera's wife


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