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Ah Wing is a forty-year old single father. After the passing of his wife in an accident, he has been taking care of his son "Bo Long Gor", and has been managing a convenience store near his son's school. Ah Wing and "Bor Long Gor" depended on each other and Ah Wing slowly became a warm-hearted man who learns how to love and to sacrifice for love. Because of an insurance his wife bought, Ah Wing meets insurance consultant Zi-Meng. The things they have gone through individually caused them to be close friends. Career-minded Zi-Meng originally had no desire to marry but because of Ah Wing's warm-heartedness and loving personality, she starts to think about the meaning of marriage.

Released on: 26 Oct 2020

Ronald ChengRonald Cheng阿榮
Maggie Cheung Hoh-YeeMaggie Cheung Hoh-Yee芷明
Jennifer YuJennifer Yu
David SiuDavid Siu


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