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Script: Takehiko Hata      
Countries: JP
Released on: 1 Jul 2002

Hideaki ItoHideaki ItoKyoichi Sayama
Kenji SakaguchiKenji SakaguchiTomoya Kawamura
Joe OdagiriJoe OdagiriTakeshi Kisaki
KoyukiKoyukiMifuyu Sawamura
Tomoko TabataTomoko TabataSatomi Miyabe/Yamase
Manami KonishiManami KonishiYuri Ida
Shigenori YamazakiShigenori YamazakiKenta Yamazaki
Kyoko HasegawaKyoko Hasegawa
Misa UeharaMisa UeharaArisu Matsumoto
Kenichirou YasuiKenichirou Yasui
Meikyô YamadaMeikyô Yamada
Tetsushi TanakaTetsushi Tanaka
Okada MegumiOkada Megumi
Kazuyo AokiKazuyo Aoki
Akiko HoshinoAkiko Hoshino
Asumi KatoAsumi Kato
Reina AsamiReina Asami
Teppei KoikeTeppei Koike
Kazuyuki AsanoKazuyuki Asano
Yutaka MatsushigeYutaka MatsushigeMatsubara
Naoko ÔtaniNaoko Ôtani


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