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PSSN: The Story soundtrack

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Back in 2018 five individuals met at school and soon became friends and formed what today is known as PSSN. Now everyone is older and has different lives, and different goals, some are separated, but some are still together. A group of friends tells the story of how they met to form the group known as PSSN through a documentary explaining everything from the beginning to the current day.
Director: Nelson Velasco    Script: Fabian Chavez      Gatunek: Documentary, Comedy
Countries: US
Released on: 23 Oct 2023

Nelson VelascoNelson VelascoSelf
Fabian ChavezFabian ChavezSelf
Nicolas DelgadoNicolas DelgadoSelf
Diego QuiñonesDiego QuiñonesSelf
Eduardo HidalgoEduardo HidalgoSelf


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