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Prisma soundtrack

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“Prisma,” is set in the city of Latina, just south of Rome, and its surrounding area, which used to be a swamp until the land was drained under Fascist rule. The area is now known for modernist architecture and fertile agriculture. The eight-episode show is centered around identical adolescent twins Marco and Andrea, who challenge gender norms in different ways, along with their group of friends who are also going through a similar journey.
Gatunek: Drama
Countries: IT
Released on: 20 Sep 2022

Mattia CarranoMattia CarranoAndrea / Marco
Lorenzo ZurzoloLorenzo ZurzoloDaniele
Caterina ForzaCaterina ForzaNina
Chiara BordiChiara BordiCarola
Matteo ScattareticoMatteo ScattareticoIlo
LXX BloodLXX BloodVittorio


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