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Oufuku Shokan soundtrack

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Office lady Mariko (Matsushita Nao) was puzzled that her boyfriend Junichi (Ichihara Hayato) suddenly left for a remote country. Junichi volunteered as an international volunteer to teach children in developing countries, and he will not return for another two years. Junichi had decided to do such an important thing without consulting himself or his family...what was the reason? With no phone service, all Mariko can do is to write a letter to Junichi expressing her anxiety.
Director: Gō Shichitaka    Script: Shizuka Ouki      Gatunek: Drama, Mystery
Countries: JP
Released on: 30 Sep 2016

Nao MatsushitaNao Matsushita
Hayato IchiharaHayato Ichihara
Aki AsakuraAki Asakura
Yuki MorinagaYuki Morinaga
Itsumi ÔsawaItsumi Ôsawa
Satomi NaganoSatomi Nagano


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