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Once Given, Never Forgotten soundtrack
Season 1

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Xiang Yu Qiu is an orphan. A decade ago, his girlfriend, Luo Ting, died and donated her cornea to a sick 10-year-old girl named Xiang Lian Xin. Now ten years later, Lian Xin has returned to China after finishing a degree overseas. She meets her donor’s younger brother, Luo Rui, who falls in love with her at first sight. However, Lian Xin secretly adores Xiang Yu Qiu, the ex-lover of her cornea donor. Xiang Yu Qiu can’t face Lian Xin – Every time he looks at her, he sees Luo Ting’s eyes. So, he has no choice but to suppress his feelings for her. Under great pressure, Lian Xin unexpectedly falls victim to Alzheimer’s and Yu Qiu tries everything to help her get well.
Director: Dawei Li, 丁仰国    Gatunek: Drama
Countries: CN
Released on: 1 Jan 1970

Sophie ZhangSophie ZhangLian Xin
Mi LuMi LuTang Shi
Chen RunChen RunMain Role
Zhang ChaoZhang ChaoChen Qi
Yang LeYang LeXiang Yuqiu
Sheren TangSheren TangJiang Peishan
Chen ZiyouChen ZiyouLuo Rui


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