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Mahabharat Murders soundtrack

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A serial killer perceives himself as the modern-day Duryodhan and viciously kills the people he perceives as the Pandavas. Investigating officers Ruksana and Siddhartha encounter several twists and turns in this 21st century Kurukshetra to uncover the mastermind behind this gruesome game of revenge.
Gatunek: Crime
Countries: IN
Released on: 12 May 2022

Saswata ChatterjeeSaswata Chatterjee
Priyanka SarkarPriyanka Sarkar
Arjun ChakrabortyArjun Chakraborty
Koushik SenKoushik Sen
Rajdeep GuptaRajdeep Gupta
Rishav BasuRishav Basu
Debasish MondalDebasish Mondal


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