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iii icecrin soundtrack

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iii Icecrin is a short series aired in a two minute format with the setting of the show is a place named Ice Cream town where people socialize and meet with each other and its denizens being animals based on the 15 various flavors sold by Blue Seal Ice Cream. Each episode focuses on a certain character in the series in their everyday antics but when problems arose, they solve it through teamwork and dedication. Also as a running theme in the series, the characters can melt in hot conditions, requiring them to go to a freezer to freeze their bodies back in shape.
Director: Juria Matsumura    Script: Hiroko Fukuda      Gatunek: Animation, Kids
Countries: JP
Released on: 6 Apr 2021

Mai SatouMai SatouChacha
Taeko KawataTaeko KawataVanillan
Fumiko OrikasaFumiko OrikasaChocon
Ryota IwasakiRyota IwasakiMamango
Sayaka SenbongiSayaka SenbongiBlune
Konomi KoharaKonomi KoharaStocchii
Marina HoriuchiMarina HoriuchiFrancisco Minton XV
Rena MaedaRena MaedaBakkii
Chitose MorinagaChitose MorinagaChicchi
Maria NaganawaMaria NaganawaTirara
Megumi SatouMegumi SatouNapp
Hina KinoHina KinoMabubu


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