Digimon Adventure tri. soundtrack

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Digimon Adventure tri. soundtrack: complete list of songs used in the movie/tv show.
Digimon Adventure tri. soundtrack

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In the three years since the defeat of MaloMyotismon, the DigiDestined have all grown older and, though they remain friends, find it difficult to gather as an entire group. Taichi "Tai" Kamiya, now in his second year of high school, feels this disconnect keenly. A new threat arrives in the form of Infected Digimon who have the ability to rampage on Earth and leave wide swathes of destruction behind them, causing public sentiment to turn against Digimon in general. Tai struggles with the changing times and his own growing realization of the repercussions of his actions as time moves inexorably forward.
Director: Keitaro Motonaga    Script: Yuuko Kakihara      
Countries: JP
Released on: 21 Nov 2015

Natsuki HanaeNatsuki HanaeTaichi Yagami (voice)
Yoshimasa HosoyaYoshimasa HosoyaYamato Ishida (voice)
M·A·OM·A·OHikari Yagami (voice)
Suzuko MimoriSuzuko MimoriSora Takenouchi (voice)
Mutsumi TamuraMutsumi TamuraKoushiro Izumi (voice)
Junya IkedaJunya IkedaJo Kido (voice)
Hitomi YoshidaHitomi YoshidaMimi Tachikawa (voice)
Junya EnokiJunya EnokiTakeru Takaishi (voice)
Chika SakamotoChika SakamotoAgumon / Greymon / MetalGreymon / WarGreymon / Omnimon (voice)
Mayumi YamaguchiMayumi YamaguchiGabumon / Garurumon / WereGarurumon / MetalGarurumon / Omnimon (voice)
Takahiro SakuraiTakahiro SakuraiTentomon / Kabuterimon (voice)
Miwa MatsumotoMiwa MatsumotoPatamon / Angemon (voice)
Yuka TokumitsuYuka TokumitsuTailmon (voice)
Kinoko YamadaKinoko YamadaPalmon / Togemon (voice)
Atori ShigematsuAtori ShigematsuPiyomon / Birdramon (voice)
Miho ArakawaMiho ArakawaMeiko Mochizuki (voice)
Yukiko MorishitaYukiko MorishitaMeicoomon (voice)
Daisuke NamikawaDaisuke NamikawaDaigo Nishijima (voice)
Yuko KaidaYuko KaidaMaki Himekawa (voice)
Hiroaki HirataHiroaki HirataNarrator (voice)


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