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Camp Halohead soundtrack: complete list of songs used in the movie/tv show/game.
Camp Halohead soundtrack

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Join Clemmie, Bud, and Tango on an adventure where they’ll learn to make good choices while trying to save all mandarin-kind, all so they can make it to the good place (inside some kid’s belly).
Director: Greg Franklin    Script: Alejandro Bien-Willner, Danny Ducker, Rose Frankel, Steve Korte, Darren Moran, Ed Skudder, Charles Swenson      Gatunek: Animation, Kids

Released on: 14 Nov 2019

Stephanie PaniselloStephanie PaniselloClemmie / Additional Voices (voice)
Alex HallAlex HallTango / Additional Voices (voice)
Corey KruegerCorey KruegerBud / Mr. Murcott / Additional Voices (voice)
Dave B. MitchellDave B. MitchellTurtle / Shrink / Shrank / Additional Voices (voice)
Patty MattsonPatty MattsonRinglet (voice)
CJ WilliamsCJ WilliamsAdditional Voices (voice)
Ryan KajiRyan KajiRyan (voice)


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