Aristocratic Birth -PRINCE OF LEGEND- soundtrack

Aristocratic Birth -PRINCE OF LEGEND- tracklist

Aristocratic Birth -PRINCE OF LEGEND- soundtrack: complete list of songs used in the movie/tv show.
Aristocratic Birth -PRINCE OF LEGEND- soundtrack

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In a town where clubs compete for supremacy, Ando Shintaro, the president of the "Zennichi Civil Engineering" contractors, lived a fulfilling life. Though he wasn't wealthy, he worked hard alongside his fellow colleagues. However, one day, the number one "Club Texas" appear in front of Shintaro and the others and are told that they are now under the umbrella of "Club Texas". Shintaro ponders this and consults with a lawyer regarding buying back the company. However, he is told that it's impossible since "Club Texas" on the number one club. Riki, an employee, goes into "Club Texas" on his own but gets into a fight. Furious, Shintaro rushes in to defeat the person who beat up Riki. However, the number one host there is his older brother that left 10 years ago.
Director: Hayato Kawai    

Released on: 27 Nov 2019

Banjo GingaBanjo GingaNarrator
Alan ShirahamaAlan ShirahamaAndo Shintaro
Tomoki HiroseTomoki HiroseYasu
Ken NakajimaKen NakajimaGoro
Joey IwanagaJoey IwanagaMasa
Keito TakahashiKeito TakahashiRiki
Tensei FukuchiTensei FukuchiTake
Hiroyuki WatanabeHiroyuki WatanabeAndo Shohei
DaigoDaigoAndo Taro / Senior
Yoshihiko AramakiYoshihiko AramakiJukiya
Ryuji SatoRyuji SatoSeiya
Rikiya TomizonoRikiya TomizonoGuerrero
Yoshihiko HakamadaYoshihiko HakamadaChabo
Mizuki ItagakiMizuki ItagakiIjuuin Nobutora
Goki MaedaGoki MaedaAyumu
Kazuma KawamuraKazuma KawamuraKyogoku Ryu
Hokuto YoshinoHokuto YoshinoTendo Koki
Itsuki FujiwaraItsuki FujiwaraHiura Kaiji
Hasegawa MakotoHasegawa MakotoOdashima Atsushi
Koji YamamotoKoji YamamotoKuroiwa Masao
Atsushi AraiAtsushi AraiFuyuki


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