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Anten soundtrack: complete list of songs used in the movie/tv show/game.
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After the death of his wife, Gohar studied for a year and successfully passed the medical entrance exam. Now he is going to be a university student with his grandson, and this issue brings adventures in the family and the university.
Director: Seyed Ebrahim Amerian    Script: Hamzeh Salehi      Gatunek: Comedy
Countries: IR
Released on: 21 Sep 2022

Pejman JamshidiPejman Jamshidi
Hadi KazemiHadi Kazemi
Roya AfsharRoya Afshar
Marjaneh GolchinMarjaneh Golchin
Elika AbdolrazzaghiElika Abdolrazzaghi
Naimeh NezamdoostNaimeh Nezamdoost
Asghar SemsarzadeAsghar Semsarzade
Arsalan GhasemiArsalan Ghasemi


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