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Samurai Jack s01e01 soundtrack
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Episode title: The Beginning

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Young Samurai Jack hears an account of one of his foreshadowers going to the threesome of Magical Monks to get a mystical sword to overthrow the shape-shifting wizard/immortal, Aku. The sword banishes Aku to a Wasteland he had created. Aku unexpectedly shows up, free from his banishment, and wrecks the city despite the efforts of the town's warriors. Young Jack is rescued by his mother, and watches as his hometown is destroyed. Following this is a set of events. Jack learns astronomy on a Japanese fishing ship, horse riding in Arabia, stick fighting in Africa, reading and writing in Egypt, wrestling in Greece, archery in England, sailing from Scandinavian Vikings, axe throwing in Russia, spear throwing from Chinese nomads, and unarmed fighting and Chinese weaponry from Shaolin Monks. Jack then finds his mother who gives him the sword. He releases his empire from slavery, then goes off to defeat Aku. After a long and colorful battle with Aku, Samurai Jack is flung into the far future, where he must quest to undo the future that is Aku.
Gatunek: Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Countries: US
Released on: 10 Aug 2001     Boxoffice: unknown

Phil LaMarrSamurai Jack
Mako IwamatsuAku
Sab Shimono
Rob Paulsen
Jennifer Hale
Jeff Bennett


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