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Lake Fear soundtrack
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In lake Fear (2014) AKA Cypress Creek what is the name of the rock music piece playing during the introduction of the heroines at the start of the film? 

Added: 4/27/2021

Lake Fear About

Four girls go to a cabin in the woods, which is inhabited by evil. This cabin then ensnares them in a labyrinth of macabre as they must battle their way out.
Gatunek: Horror, Comedy
Countries: United States of America
Released on: 1 Dec 2014     Boxoffice: unknown

Jessica WillisTina
Shanon SneddenJordan
Joshua WinchRemington
Jori GillStephanie
Taylor LeeAnn GrahamKathy
Carly CapraCreature 1


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  • ***“Pig Man, Pig Man!”*** Four girls seek to spend a weekend at a mysterious cabin in the woods in Texas when all hell breaks loose (no, seriously). “Lake Fear” (2014), aka “Cypress Creek,” starts as a potentially worthwhile low-budget cabin-in-the-woods Indie with notable opening credits, a serviceable cast of females and an outstanding metal track, but 9 minutes in it becomes clear that this is a micro-budget flick. This would be okay, but the idea of an actual script is abandoned shortly after the teens arrive at the cabin in exchange for a tedious hour of horror F/X and creepy film techniques, which are well done, but useless when there’s no attempt to offer an interesting STORY. It doesn’t help that the guy who plays Remington is a lousy “actor.” The flick comes across as if the cast & crew of “The Evil Dead” (1981) dropped acid, threw out the script, and just screwed around with scary visuals & gore at a remote cabin; and then tried to make it work in the editing room. It’s so utterly dull that I would leave the room to go to the bathroom or get something from the kitchen without caring about pausing it (something I never do). The fact that there are currently two sequels is incredible. The movie runs 1 hour, 21 minutes, and was shot in Dallas, Texas. GRADE: D


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