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Gatunek: Documentary

Released on: 30 Aug 2022     Boxoffice: unknown

Pope Francis


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  • However, this is neither a comedy nor a travel film - Franciszek's movement works great as a compositional principle, but the content lies deeper. Rosi listens carefully to Bergoglio's voice (articulated in four languages) and tries to extract the most important messages from it. The question is, is the most important thing for him or for yourself? Of course: the latter, and that's why "In viaggio" is not a religious film, if anything - more political or social. Certainly, the attitude of the director - no matter if he is a believer or not - is warm towards the Pope, and when Francis recommends leaving abstract issues to theologians and focusing on helping other people, Rosi learns a lesson from this. Instead of creating a critical portrait, getting involved in polemics and apocrypha, he extracts from his sermons what he considers important, noble and new. Thus, it shows the changes that Bergoglio made in the church, at least in the discursive and symbolic sphere. In selected speeches, criticism of capitalism and colonization, awareness of global warming and climate inequalities, as well as a turn towards disadvantaged communities are repeated. The shots of the Pope visiting Chilean women prisoners, Brazilian favelas or African villages are great. Also the Muslim ones, because openness to other religions is another motif that will be repeated in the film. The issue that had to arise is also pedophilia in the Catholic Church. Initially, Francis defended one of the Chilean cardinals, only to later dismiss them all. In the video, he says he understood the pain his words could cause abuse victims. In moments when he can sprinkle his head with ashes, withdraw, but also discuss, we see that - although you can disagree with him on many things - he is a nice guy. Both in Bergolio and in the film itself, you can feel a lot of directness, shortening the distance, lack of pomp. In order to achieve this, Rosi had to relax his method of carefully observing the subject under study and composing it into intricate mosaics with a large aesthetic surplus. Here, too, we have a mosaic - international travels, but the form is more accessible - less painterly, and therefore less demanding. This time, the photos that Rosi usually creates himself complement the materials collected by other operators. He couldn't have been with Bergoglio in all those places. Hence, however, their poetics and quality differ significantly from each other, sometimes leaving much to be desired. So those who expect a work as visually stunning as "Notturno" from two years ago - inspired by the romantic nocturnal danse macabre in the Middle East - will be disappointed. But even here there will be gems, such as shots of the Pope in an empty St. Peter or his videoconference with the international space station during the coronavirus pandemic - COVID is a turning point here, because the Argentine (like many of us) had to stop pilgrimage at that time. Such spectacular scenes, however, are accompanied by images of poor quality, which are explained by some detail, an important word, someone's emotion. The director also included archival materials in the film, contextualizing the words of the Pope: when he visits the Philippines, we see the typhoon that hit the country just before his arrival.


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