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Harald Baldr s04e35 soundtrack
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Episode title: $0.07 Meatballs - Philippines Street Food

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PHILIPPINES, MANILLA: Whilst doing some shopping in Manilla's biggest market, Divisoria, I stumbled into a guy who had made his own motorbike from a boat engine. This I had to film! As I started to roll tape my market excursion quickly turned into an interesting little culinary experience. A woman selling some kind of meatballs caught my attention and I decided to try her food. Struggling with food poisoning I'd caught at a roof top restaurant the night before, I was feeling mighty under the weather and this chicken would power me up! There was only one problem. I didn't understand her very well and when I tried to severely overpay using a 500 not (as it was all I had) the meal nearly fell through.... Luckily the mic on my camera works far better than my ear under such chaotic and extremely noisy circumstances and caught the whole train-wreck of a conversation on tape for you guys to hear. Enjoy ;-)
Gatunek: Documentary

Released on: 13 May 2019     Boxoffice: unknown


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