Grey's Anatomy s19e06 soundtrack

Grey's Anatomy s19e06 tracklist

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Grey's Anatomy s19e06 soundtrack
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Episode title: Thunderstruck

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Call On Me
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
Look to the Sky
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
One Step
/5  (
added on: 13 Jan 2023
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Grey's Anatomy s19e06 About

Gatunek: Drama
Countries: US
Released on: 27 Jan 2023     Boxoffice: unknown

Ellen PompeoMeredith Grey
James Pickens Jr.Richard Webber
Chandra WilsonMiranda Bailey
Kevin McKiddOwen Hunt
Camilla LuddingtonJo Wilson
Kim RaverTeddy Altman
Chris CarmackAtticus Lincoln
Jake BorelliLevi Schmitt
Anthony HillWinston Ndugu
Caterina ScorsoneAmelia Shepherd
Kelly McCrearyMaggie Pierce
Harry Shum Jr.Benson 'Blue' Kwan
Adelaide KaneJules Millin
Alexis FloydSimone Griffith
Niko TerhoLucas Adams
Midori FrancisMika Yasuda
Jason GeorgeBen Warren
Stefania SpampinatoCarina DeLuca
Jaina Lee OrtizAndy Herrera
Aniela GumbsZola Grey Shepherd
Mildred Marie LangfordHeather Smith
Tim Martin GleasonMr. Smith
Daya VaidyaPaola Bright
Ethan RainsJonathan Bright
Carlos MirandaTheo Ruiz
Boris KodjoeRobert Sullivan


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Movie/TV Show Reviews:

  • The series Grey's Anatomy takes us to one of the hospitals in Seattle, where we meet its main character - Meredith Gray (it is from her name, woven into the title of an anatomy textbook, that the name of the entire series - Grey's Anatomy) comes from. This young yet-to-be surgeon is just starting her internship, facing a real challenge - she has to prove that she is not just the daughter of an outstanding doctor, and that she herself has a profession in her hands and a real talent. Together with her, several other talented students also make their debut in the hospital, and it is the fate of each of them that is intertwined with Meredith's adventures, very lifelike, realistic and touching on important topics, understandable not only to people from the medical industry. It soon turns out that the hospital is an exhausting and hard place to work - it forces you to compete, to submit to superiors with strongly despotic tendencies, but also to give up sleep for the "greater good". In the case of Meredith, all this is added to the fact that - as it turns out - her lover Derek is ... her direct superior. However, not everything revolves around Miss Grey, and the series also allows us to meet other characters, intertwined as the whole plot develops. Each of them hides their secrets, but also strives to be at the operating table, at the very beginning as an assistant, and later as a "conductor". It is these secrets that give the series a dramatic course, and although it is a drama series in itself, it often bears the hallmarks of other genres (including comedy). In addition to all this, there are also specific cases that are a kind of background to all the events taking place around them, and although it might seem that there are too many things to follow here, it is easy to find yourself in it all, and even get lost in the plot. This, in turn, is the best recommendation of this series. Due to the fact that the Grey's Anatomy series has been with us for fifteen years, it was in itself a gateway to further careers for many talented actors and it is given as an example of the best works in which they participated. The lead character is played by Ellen Pompeo, who may have previously been known for playing Marci in Catch Me If You Can or Karen Page in the award-winning Daredevil. However, it was this series that became a pearl in her achievements. Noteworthy is also the great Patrick Dempsey, associated with acting since 1985, known for many series and films, and in the series playing the character of Dr. Derek Shepherd (for this role he was awarded many times). However, the cast is not limited to these two actors - there is also a place in it for the beautiful Katherine Heigl, the insane Justin Chambers and the excellent Sandra Oh. Naturally, during the many years of the series' existence, many other actors also passed through it, who stayed in it for one or several seasons. To put it in one sentence: the great cast we are dealing with here has certainly contributed to the popularity of the series.


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