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A girl like you
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added on: 23 Sep 2022
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When twin brothers arrive home to find their mother’s demeanor altered and face covered in surgical bandages, they begin to suspect the woman beneath the gauze might not be their mother.
Gatunek: Horror, Drama, Thriller
Countries: France, United States of America
Released on: 15 Sep 2022     Boxoffice: unknown

Naomi WattsMother
Cameron CrovettiElias
Nicholas CrovettiLucas
Peter HermannFather
Jeremy BobbGary
Crystal Lucas-PerrySandy


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  • _Goodnight Mommy _(2022) has the skeletal structure of a brain twisting and psychologically scarring horror film. However, it’s been cosmetically redesigned into something so misshapen, hideous, and unrecognizable that it’s a shell of its former shelf. If the original _Goodnight Mommy_ is Patrick Bateman from _American Psycho_, then the remake is the herb facial masque that he peels from his face and throws in the trash; it helps the original remain timeless but is otherwise disposable. **Full review:**


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