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Goku Sagi soundtrack
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Goku Sagi About

The business of poverty that is the main overcoming of the dark golden Udagawa (Kazuhiko Kanayama) who has the yakuza and the police in the city. The reality was to mediate jobs that were willing to swap organs and humans, using people who suffered difficult lives. At the request of the victim, mother and son, Kirishima (Riki Takeuchi) begins to move to kill the Udagawa, the greatest enemy. However, the power of Udagawa, which moves a huge amount of money, has eroded even the top police officers ...

Released on: 7 Nov 2014     Boxoffice: unknown

Riki Takeuchi
Rie Tsuneyoshi
Takamitsu Ôkubo
Ryoji Morimoto
Ayaka Fukuma
Daisuke Motoki
Yasukaze Motomiya


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