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A suicide case is informed to the police from a mental hospital in a rocky district. Two policemen comes to hospital to investigate the case. In the same morning, Dr. Deniz comes to hospital as the new psychiatrist. Because of the heavy rain and landslide the only road and telephone connections that provide access to hospital from the city are damaged.There is no transportation to hospital and none can leave hospital. During three days, three patients are killed wildly in the hospital. Everyone becomes anxious. The police deepen the investigation. A mystical patient attracts attention.
Gatunek: Thriller
Countries: Turkey
Released on: 6 Apr 2006     Boxoffice: unknown

Doğa RutkayDr. Deniz
Yurdaer OkurDr. Ragıp
Mahmut GökgözBaşhekim Dr. Metin
Haldun BoysanBaşkomiser Halil
Cemil BüyükdöğerliKomiser Cemil
Sefa ZenginHastabakıcı Sadık
Zeliha GüneyBaşhemşire İpek
Mutlu GüneyDr. Aykut
Şahan GökbakarTecrit Hastası
Sena Taşkapılıoğlu


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