The Art of Dissent soundtrack
The Art of Dissent
"The Art of Dissent" celebrates the resilience and power of artistic engagement in Czechoslovakia before and after the 1968 Soviet-led invasion. The documentary's main protagonists - Václav Havel, banned singer Marta Kubisová, and the underground rock group the Plastic People of the Universe (PPU) - became the most recognizable dissidents during the 1970-80s. Havel bridged the disparate clusters of individuals and fused the literary, musical, political, and philosophical nonviolent elements into a hybrid network that eventually toppled the totalitarian regime in 1989.
31 Dec 1969
Written In The Stars soundtrack
Written In The Stars
26 Nov 2022
Mustache soundtrack
Follows Ilyas, a 13-year-old boy who navigates the social hierarchy of his new school in California with a mustache his parents won't let him shave.
31 Dec 1969
Oh! My Assistant soundtrack
Oh! My Assistant
Seon Ho is an artist who draws adult webtoons. It started as an easy way to make money, but it’s caused some unexpected side effects: he hasn’t been aroused for over two years! Exhausted, he hires an assistant. It’s just that he didn’t expect him to be so cute! Mu Yeong is clean, talented, and apparently loaded, so... why does he want to work under Seon Ho? Turns out, Mu Yeong is Seon Ho’s number one fan...
29 Nov 2022
Season 1
Pirates of the Caribbean Spin-Off soundtrack
Pirates of the Caribbean Spin-Off
A female-led adventure in Disney's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise.
31 Dec 1969
Revista da Cidade soundtrack
Revista da Cidade
Revista da Cidade is a Brazilian Tv Show in Tv Gazeta with Regiane Tápias, Leão Lobo, Denny Heide, Gabriel Perline
31 Dec 1969
No episodes
Preacher Man soundtrack
Preacher Man
McMillian sits calmly on a chair in an empty field and presents philosophical musings by the experimental jazz composer and musician Sun Ra.
31 Dec 2014
Abed's Uncontrollable Chirstmas soundtrack
Abed's Uncontrollable Chirstmas
Abed decides he and the group must rediscover the meaning of Christmas when he awakes in stop-motion animation.
8 Dec 2010
A Woman from the Heart of Upper Egypt soundtrack
A Woman from the Heart of Upper Egypt
When Fawaz leaves his wife Nawara and his four daughters behind, he heads to Alexandria where he meets a playgirl and ditches his family, leaving Nawara to struggle to provide for her children and help them get a good education.
23 Sep 2006
Shin Yotsuya Kaidan soundtrack
Shin Yotsuya Kaidan
31 Dec 1931
RabSe HaiDua soundtrack
RabSe HaiDua
Dua and her husband are a perfect married couple in the eyes of their family. However, Dua’s life turns upside down when her husband seeks her permission to marry another woman.
27 Nov 2022
Season 1
The Beat Bomb soundtrack
The Beat Bomb
31 Dec 1969
The Book of Cool soundtrack
The Book of Cool
29 Aug 2005
Borut soundtrack
Borut, a hitman with suicidal tendencies who wants to leave his old life behind, receives a call from his boss who supposedly has one last job for him.
31 Dec 1969
Cartas Marcadas soundtrack
Cartas Marcadas
31 Dec 2021
Oiwa Nagaya soundtrack
Oiwa Nagaya
31 Dec 1930
Secrets of the Middle Aisle soundtrack
Secrets of the Middle Aisle
Denise Van Outen will dig into the secrets of the middle aisle’s special buys and seasonal offers that entice shoppers through the doors of discount supermarkets each week. How do Lidl and Aldi add so much excitement to the supermarket food shop? How do they secure such major discounts? And are the middle aisle offers worth buying anyway?
27 Nov 2022

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