Дом для богатых soundtrack
Дом для богатых
1 Jul 2000
Synaps soundtrack
11 Nov 2019
UNKNOWN soundtrack
Max Morrison and Jack Rose's entry into the Filmstro & Film Riot One Minute Short Film Competition
26 Nov 2018
大江大河2 soundtrack
1 Jan 1970
No episodes
The story of the cult classic student film franchise 'Jesus Christ! He's Sectioned' condensed into 3 minutes in one neatly wrapped package. It's cute, it's animated, and it's fast! No details are spared as this comedic animation tries to cover the first two films in the franchise. The animation style is wholesome, they're cute characters in this gripping and thrilling story.
6 Mar 2021
Ancient Egypt Unearthed soundtrack
Ancient Egypt Unearthed
In this documentary series, noted archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass digs deep to uncover new clues regarding some of ancient Egypt's greatest mysteries, including the civilization's remarkable military and architectural achievements. Hawass also examines the day-to-day lives of ordinary Egyptians; the role of powerful women rulers such as Cleopatra, Hatshepsut and Nefertiti; and reasons for Egypt's surprisingly swift decline on the world stage.
13 Jan 2009
Bios: Mauricio de Sousa soundtrack
Bios: Mauricio de Sousa
Bios: Lives That Marked Yours promotes a return to the origins of the main popular icons in Latin America, recalling all the steps that have made them such legendary figures today. The honored artists range from Charly García, who is considered the father of rock in Argentina, to Mauricio de Sousa, a Brazilian cartoonist who became famous for creating "A Turma da Mônica".
19 Feb 2018
Dark Light Voyage soundtrack
Dark Light Voyage
18 Mar 2021
Děti mají zpívat soundtrack
Děti mají zpívat
1 Jan 1977
Share My Boyfriend Vol. 18 soundtrack
Share My Boyfriend Vol. 18
Real Amateur Girls
20 Aug 2020
Forfall soundtrack
2 Nov 2001
Season 1
Finding the Mother Lode: Italian Immigrants in California soundtrack
Finding the Mother Lode: Italian Immigrants in California
This film documents the experience of Italian immigrants in California, which was markedly different from that of their compatriots elsewhere in the United States. Through stories set in seven Italian communities throughout California, "Finding the Mother Lode" examines how economic and social mobility became possible for many Italians in the Golden State. It is also a look at how immigrant identity is maintained and transformed as immigrants become assimilated into mainstream America. The current film is a follow-up to the filmmakers' critically acclaimed "Pane Amaro (Bitter Bread)" on the Italian immigration to the East Coast. "Finding the Mother Lode" too, is based on extensive research and weaves together oral histories by community members with scholarly analyses which provide the larger historical context.
1 Jan 1970
Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali soundtrack
Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali
The widow Pallavi is all about the family, while the lonely Raghav, a business mogul, is all about the money. One day these opposites collide.
15 Feb 2021
Kodak Black - The Ed Sheeran Musical soundtrack
Kodak Black - The Ed Sheeran Musical
The Masterpiece of Kodak Black singing Shape of You
1 Jan 1970
Follestad tar over soundtrack
Follestad tar over
25 Feb 2020
A Mesa Vermelha soundtrack
A Mesa Vermelha
A red table and the words of 23 former political prisoners. In this film, young subversive gentlemen comment on the coexistence in male prisons in Pernambuco during the military period. From the arrival to the prison, from the affection, from the hunger strike, from the role of collectives within the jail. The feeling of belonging is what moves this documentary. To the characters, belonging to a generation. To the technical team, the feeling of belonging to a country that seeks its memory, that seeks its truth.
1 Jan 1970
Follestad melder seg soundtrack
Follestad melder seg
9 Apr 2020

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