Dungeons & Dragons: Cavern of the Dragon soundtrack
Dungeons & Dragons: Cavern of the Dragon
A fanmade action RPG title based on the 90's cartoon, with Venger, Dungeon Master and the party of six. The title is super well developed and it was accepted in speedrun.com recently.
25 Sep 2021
中国力量 soundtrack
26 Dec 2017
Powernaut 2 soundtrack
Powernaut 2
Powernaut 2 - A tough retro style platformer! Using a tons of weapons and unique powers, you gotta war through an unending series of lvls! every one is randomly generated so you'll never have the same experience twice!
25 Sep 2021
Shovel Escape soundtrack
Shovel Escape
A vertical platformer in which you traverse up falling rocks and teleport with your magical shovel, to reach the top and escape before the lava gets you from below.
25 Sep 2021
我的硬核社区 soundtrack
2 May 2020
Lovecraft's Untold Stories 2 soundtrack
Lovecraft's Untold Stories 2
Lovecraft's Untold Stories 2 is the continuation of the action RPG with rogue-like elements based on the hitpoint Lovecraft Mythos. Brand fresh dark comic graphic style, an advanced crafting system to make your equipment, 6 playable characters, and, for the first time, an online cooperative mode.
25 Sep 2021
Uppdrag granskning Season 2019 soundtrack
Uppdrag granskning Season 2019
9 Jan 2019
Season 1
Slow living with Princess soundtrack
Slow living with Princess
Slow living with Princess is an upcoming RPG journey developed by Kadokawa and Tsukurite and published by 0UP titles. This title is based on "Banished from the Hero's Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside" light novel series.
25 Sep 2021
Sugar's Delight soundtrack
Sugar's Delight
When Ichigo’s parents realize their daughter’s dream is to own and run a bakery they do everything they can to force her away from such a career and toward a more prestigious calling. However, in a fit of determination and frustration, Ichigo moves out and on her own with the desire to prove just how serious she is about her sweet pion. After a brief amount of time, Ichigo stumbles upon Sugar’s Delight; a tiny bakery owned by the somewhat oblivious, but mature and incredibly type “Chocoa”. In no time at all, Ichigo is working her dream job and learning everything there is to know about running a bakery, and things hardly seem like they should receive any better… That is, until Ichigo starts obtaining more than just lessons about how to bake the most delightful of strawberry cakes. Chocoa eventually starts making advances on the naïve Ichigo, and the only aspect of the recent ingredient in the young woman’s life that she’s apprehensive about is how much she doesn’t mind the older girl’s touch!
25 Sep 2021
Det Hände Här soundtrack
Det Hände Här
26 Feb 2013
Supersonic Rhyme Chamber soundtrack
Supersonic Rhyme Chamber
Supersonic Rhyme Chamber (aka SRC) is a VR rap & rhythm title where you are dropped into a globe that is ruled by rhyme and flow, and you gotta learn the methods of hip-hop to create your method back home! Rap war your method through colourful lands as you encounter powerful rivals and the dopest of mates. As you improve your skills and collect all the keys, will you be able to become a legendary MC?
25 Sep 2021
Schwesta Ewa - Rapperin. Häftling. Mutter. soundtrack
Schwesta Ewa - Rapperin. Häftling. Mutter.
29 Jul 2021
PenPal Princess soundtrack
PenPal Princess
Pen Pal Princess is a queer romcom visual novel about long distance relationships and online dating. Correspond with potential suitors through letter writing, mail, and DMs to convince them to rescue you from your secluded princess turret!
25 Sep 2021
Last Legacy soundtrack
Last Legacy
LAST LEGACY is a free-to-play fantasy-romance visual novel with optional paid content from FICTIF titles, created by a tiny squad of queer folks of color. With branching dialogue and multiple endings for every hero route, your choices alone will spell the fate of the world... Whether you're dooming it or saving it.
25 Sep 2021
It Was the Music soundtrack
It Was the Music
Two real working musicians step into the limelight to make it on their own. Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams pack their guitars, amps, and thirty year marriage into their SUV and set out across America, and with them, and other great musicians we're carried back the halcyon days of the sixties and seventies when music had the power to bring us together.
13 Dec 2020
Emergency Monster Team soundtrack
Emergency Monster Team
Nadel is a Berserker Paramedic who is headed back to work after the happenings of the "Pipe Man" took zone in the creature town of Dendsville. The town is on high alert, so the hospital director has asked her to work inside for the evening. She’s tasked with supporting the staff and patients.
25 Sep 2021
CHOSEN soundtrack
The Cleveland Cavaliers have died several times victim of their own bad choices. Yet here they stand, alive, about to win a championship. To understand how much this means we need to rewind, like really, really rewind.
19 Jun 2021

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