Clifford’s Sing-Along Adventure soundtrack
Clifford’s Sing-Along Adventure
Clifford the Big Red Dog and some of his friends take you on a fun-filled musical adventure. The home viewer is invited to participate in the singing, dancing, and clapping as well as making up their own verses to such childhood classics as "Old McDonald Had a Farm," "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," and "I've Been Working on the Railroad," to name a few. Clever animation is effectively mixed with live action; young children will have a good time watching and participating in this video again and again. Fourteen songs in all. (Ages 3 to 8) --Peggy Maltby-Etra
1 Jan 1970
One Block Behind soundtrack
One Block Behind
The series follows the life of Nadia, a thirty-year-old woman, who was at a psychiatric hospital where she has been haunted by a recurrent dream in which she sees herself approaching an old house that gives her the creeps, but it strikes her as a place she knows too well.
17 Mar 2018
Season 1
Custom 6: More Shit soundtrack
Custom 6: More Shit
Follow-up to Christopher Rage's Brown.
19 Jul 1987
Brown soundtrack
Infamous performance film by Christopher Rage.
10 Jul 1986
Mormor på mandejagt soundtrack
Mormor på mandejagt
28 Aug 2019
Oceano Mare soundtrack
Oceano Mare
Seemingly stranded and enthralled like a somnambulist: a female figure amid a rocky, dried-up riverbed. Motionless, exposed, and yet turned inward. Now entwined in the branches of the sparse vegetation, now lying on the delicate fissures of the parched ground, from these convergences and from the interplay of images arises a sort of approximation, or analogy.
23 Oct 2020
The Summoner soundtrack
The Summoner
Rory (Charlie Hankin), in his 20's and living on his own for the first time, has found himself in a small two-bedroom with the Summoner (Hankin), a magical alien with the power to summon any object to his present location.
17 Mar 2021
Season 1
An American In Traffic soundtrack
An American In Traffic
The USC School of Cinema-Television’s inaugural production class, known by the course number “290”, requires students to make numerous films over the course of a semester without sync dialogue. For his four non-sync dialogue short films – First Impressions, Vanity, Filler and An American in Traffic – shot and edited on Super 8mm film, Kurt Kuenne was awarded the Harold Lloyd Scholarship in Film Editing by the family of the iconic silent film comedian.
1 Jan 1993
April Kills The Vibe soundtrack
April Kills The Vibe
April kills the vibe is Bonnie McKee's debut as a screenwriter and director. When party girl April wakes up after a rowdy New Year's Eve with a lot more than just a hangover, she calls her partner in crime, Lola, to try to fill in the blanks. But the truth is uglier than April bargained for, and she is forced to confront her demons.
1 Jan 1970
Hundehjørnet soundtrack
17 Jan 2004
Season 1
Eugene soundtrack
During Napoleonic wars, a young idealistic drummer, in search of glory, arrives on the battlefield and discovers the horrors of war.
17 Jan 2021
史上最強の大魔王、村人Aに転生する soundtrack
1 Jan 1970
Season 1
Frau Bu lacht soundtrack
Frau Bu lacht
Confectioner Mauritz is shot at close range. His wife, Thai woman Sita, whom he met two years ago through a marriage institute, is frightened and barely speaks German. Her five-year-old daughter, who she brought into the marriage, is also silent. The searches lead Commissioners Batic and Leitmayr to the Flügel Agency, that specialises in the placement of women with small children. Batic registers as an alleged customer with the institute.
26 Nov 1995
An Anime Parody soundtrack
An Anime Parody
Dumb stuff.
1 Jan 1970
Malawi Wildlife Rescue soundtrack
Malawi Wildlife Rescue
Malawi Wildlife Rescue is a six-part TV series that follows the adventures of the dedicated staff behind the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, Malawi’s only wildlife sanctuary. Follow wildlife vet Dr. Amanda Salb and her team as they go above and beyond to save injured and orphaned animals and get them back to the wild, where they belong.
22 Jan 2020
Season 1
Surprise from Heaven! soundtrack
Surprise from Heaven!
Kanye West surprises Kim Kardashian with hologram from dad on 40th birthday.
1 Jan 1970
210 Good Deeds soundtrack
210 Good Deeds
Series narrate the story of children who are trying to save their parents but to do that they have to return in the past, using the time machine charging it with good deeds energy.
6 Mar 2021

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