The Unfinished Weekend soundtrack
The Unfinished Weekend
A funny parody on comedies and horror films. A scientist tries to kidnap the beautiful wife of a dandy.
31 Dec 1969
Fashion Cave! soundtrack
Fashion Cave!
Join Scarlet Envy and Daphne Sumtimez on an urban adventure of massive magnitude and dripping danger.
31 Dec 2015
L'appartement 5 soundtrack
L'appartement 5
29 Nov 2022
PAWN soundtrack
A young boy finds escape from his unsettled home life after following a mysterious sound.
15 Jul 2019
Crazy Planet soundtrack
Crazy Planet
A little boy who is unable to count goes off to the crazy planet where arithmetic doesn’t exist. After many adventures, he goes back to school to learn.
31 Dec 1963
Armoured Daydreams soundtrack
Armoured Daydreams
Stalag is an abbreviated term from the German “Stammlager”, which referred to a field of military prisoners of war during World War II. In Guatemala, almost forty years later, the term Stalag acquires a new dimension. The model villages were spaces in the Guatemalan rural areas where they forced thousands of civilians, previously terrorized by government brutality led by Ríos Montt. Likewise, the Civil Self-Defense Patrols (PAC), a paramilitary apparatus still in force in Guatemala, marked the last detachment in the damaged social fabric of Guatemala. As in Headline Today: Guatemala and in Armored Daydreams, Mikael Wahlforss presents us in Stalag Guatemala the testimonies of victims and perpetrators without makeup and without distortion of the facts. The anecdotes of one and the other flow across the screen transporting the viewer to that Guatemala in which men, women and children are indifferently victims and witnesses of state repression.
31 Oct 1983
Poochini soundtrack
Thomas isn't a baker, but has the best buns in town, and an unwelcome house guest has taken notice.
15 May 2016
På Tirsdag skal jeg dø soundtrack
På Tirsdag skal jeg dø
29 Nov 2022
Season 1
Faux Noir soundtrack
Faux Noir
A deranged man who's convinced he's living in a noir film suffers the consequences of his beliefs.
14 Oct 2022
Mittens and Pants soundtrack
Mittens and Pants
Best friends Mittens the kitten and Pants the puppy embark on adventures in the all-animal town of Kibble Corners
5 Feb 2023
Season 1
Epic Orchestra project 02 2008 Bandicam gaming soundtrack
Epic Orchestra project 02 2008 Bandicam gaming
A humorous love story with information.
31 Dec 1969
Essex County soundtrack
Essex County
five-part limited series based on the brilliant graphic novel by Jeff Lemire
18 Mar 2023
Season 1
The Boiled Egg soundtrack
The Boiled Egg
An egg hatches in a landscape of sand and minerals. It develops, plunges to the ground, springs back, breaks a window and falls...
31 Dec 1962
Canada's Ultimate Challenge soundtrack
Canada's Ultimate Challenge
Six extraordinary coaches will guide and mentor teams of everyday Canadians at site-specific physical challenges in a unique competition structure. Each episode will take place at an iconic Canadian location where the teams will compete in spectacular Solo, Tandem or Team challenges that test them physically and mentally. In the end, only one team will win CANADA'S ULTIMATE CHALLENGE.
15 Feb 2023
Season 1
Stone sonata soundtrack
Stone sonata
Brightly coloured stones wander along the banks and through a river.
31 Dec 1961
Bollywed soundtrack
Docu-series centred around the Singh family, who have been operating the iconic bridal shop, Chandan Fashion, in Toronto’s Little India for the last 37 years.
11 Jan 2023
Season 1

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