Minqon Minqon: Wosqotmn Elsonwagon soundtrack
Minqon Minqon: Wosqotmn Elsonwagon
Decades before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Shirley Bear was defying repressive colonial narratives with inspiring imagery of Indigenous womanhood. Catherine Martin profiles the Wolastoqiyik/Malecite artist known as Minqon Minqon (Rainbow Rainbow).
31 Dec 1989
A Migration Tale soundtrack
A Migration Tale
A Migration Tale follows a masked, black-clad character traveling on foot and via subway, a contemporary reference to the Great Migration that millions of African Americans made during the first half of the 20th century.
31 Dec 2013
회계법인 soundtrack
31 Dec 1969
Season 1
Epidemien soundtrack
13 Mar 2001
Beach Eats USA soundtrack
Beach Eats USA
Curtis Stone is on a journey to find the ultimate beach spots in America that serve fresh and fantastic fare along with spectacular sunsets. Put on your sandals and sunscreen, 'cause these places don't require forks and knives — just hungry appetites for amazing eats along the water in Beach Eats USA.
11 Aug 2015
La banque du sperme soundtrack
La banque du sperme
Les Gazolines is a group from the Homosexual Revolutionary Action Front (FHAR) formed in Paris in 1972 and dissolved in 1974. The movement was founded by Maud Molyneux, Patrick Bertaux and Paquita Paquin as a “kind of continuation of FHAR”. The small group stands out for its aesthetic and ideological provocation, and its games on gender. Their rallying cry is “Dick!” Initially, the group was nicknamed the "Camping Gaz Girls". Its members showed a "camp" humor, proclaiming that "makeup is a way of life", or even "Proletarians of all countries, caress yourself” and “Let’s nationalize the glitter factories!” Their behavior often caused scandal, for example when the Gazolines overturned a police van during a demonstration against the destruction of the Halles de Paris or during the funeral of the Maoist militant Pierre Overney. Films such as The Sperm Bank by Philippe Genet and Pierre Chabal testify to their liveliness and impertinence.
31 Dec 1975
Club Friday the Series 14: The Seven Year Itch soundtrack
Club Friday the Series 14: The Seven Year Itch
27 Oct 2022
A la folie soundtrack
A la folie
2 Jun 2022
Al compás de tu mentira soundtrack
Al compás de tu mentira
21 Mar 1950
Rab Se Hai Dua soundtrack
Rab Se Hai Dua
Dua and her husband are a perfect married couple in the eyes of their family. However, Dua’s life turns upside down when her husband seeks her permission to marry another woman.
27 Nov 2022
Genij vlasti soundtrack
Genij vlasti
31 Dec 1997
Just Cause soundtrack
Just Cause
Madison “Madi” Cowart, a struggling reporter for a Florida newspaper, receives a letter from a death row inmate who claims to be innocent. As the investigation unfolds, not only does the case against the inmate prove to be shaky, but other horrors are lurking in the background.
31 Dec 1969
Call Me Crazy soundtrack
Call Me Crazy
Max Russell Pratts' sophomore feature film
31 Dec 1969
Dong Dok Mai | ดงดอกไม้ soundtrack
Dong Dok Mai | ดงดอกไม้
Boonparet, a young and eager attorney, is working on a case where he represents Pongdanai, his half brother, who is a playboy and a womanizer with many mistresses, including one of Boonparet’s best friends. Chisamai is an attorney trainee whom Pongdanai secretly likes, so she is assigned to handle the case, so they can be together more often. But, when she learns the truth about Pongdanai, she decides to work against him by representing Boonparet’s best friend to file for divorce.
28 Nov 2022
Season 1
Goods: From a Three-Screen Slide Show Made for a Lecture on "The New Covetables" Given by Charles Eames soundtrack
Goods: From a Three-Screen Slide Show Made for a Lecture on "The New Covetables" Given by Charles Eames
An excerpt from the Charles Eliot Norton Lectures, which Charles delivered at Harvard University in 1970-71. Includes an evocative discussion of what Charles called “The New Covetables” (knowledge not things), illustrated with a rich array of photographs.
30 Dec 1970
色褪せない名曲たち ~2000年代編~ soundtrack
色褪せない名曲たち ~2000年代編~
31 Dec 1969
Show da Madrugada - O Filme soundtrack
Show da Madrugada - O Filme
31 Dec 1969
The Traitors (UK) soundtrack
The Traitors (UK)
Twenty-two strangers must compete in a series of missions, the more missions they win, the bigger the prize pot. However, amongst the players lie the ‘Traitors’, who meet in secret and decide who to eliminate from their fellow players known as ‘Faithfuls’. Whilst trying to avoid being eliminated, the Faithfuls must figure out who is a Traitor and vote them out to take the prize money for themselves. If a Traitor makes it to the end, they are in with a chance of taking home the cash prize. But there will be twists, turns, and surprises for the players.
28 Nov 2022

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