Cinéma Laika soundtrack
Cinéma Laika
In the heart of the Finnish forest, the long-closed foundry of the little town of Karkkila has come back to life thanks to director Aki Kaurismäki and his creation of the town's first cinema. The peace and calm of the little town of Karkkila, nestled deep in the Finnish forest, is interrupted by unexpected sounds. In the abandoned foundry, noisy building work is taking place. Inside the building, Aki Kaurismäki is both builder and site manager of what is soon to become the Kino Laika cinema. The creation of the cinema is the talk of the town. In the factory still in activity, in a 1960s Cadillac, in a bikers' club, in the local pub, in the woods or in Aki Kaurismäki's former editing room, people start talking about cinema again.
14 Jun 2023
كفر اللوز soundtrack
كفر اللوز
1 Jun 2016
Season 1
How To Tame An Elephant soundtrack
How To Tame An Elephant
From being heard in major motion pictures and video games, with major recording artists such as DJ Khaled and the Ying Yang Twins. Join Homebwoi as he relives his successes and challenges as a major recording artist before the social media era.
31 Dec 2022
لقمة العيش soundtrack
لقمة العيش
1 Jun 1991
Season 1
Sunset Guanxin Algal Reefs in Taiwan soundtrack
Sunset Guanxin Algal Reefs in Taiwan
Watch the sunset at the Guanxin Algal Reefs in Taiwan while listening to ambient music from around the world.
31 Dec 2022
Superfan soundtrack
A musical spectacle disguised as a game show features contestants vying in multiple rounds of play to prove they are the ultimate music fan; each episode features a different musical artist who selects a superfan to win a once-in-a-lifetime prize.
8 Aug 2023
Season 1
Bis später - ich muss mich erschiessen soundtrack
Bis später - ich muss mich erschiessen
Bis später, ich muß mich erschießen is based on Soviet dramatist Nikolai Erdman’s banned 1928 comedy play The Suicide
15 Mar 1984
Your Brain on NOVA soundtrack
Your Brain on NOVA
How does your brain create your reality?
16 May 2023
I'm Fine soundtrack
I'm Fine
John is a Royal marine struggling to fit back into daily life after multiple deployments. John escapes to a rental cottage on Dartmoor to figure out his future, all the while plagued by the ghosts of post-traumatic stress disorder and visions of combat.
31 Dec 2021
Teri Meri Kahaniyaan soundtrack
Teri Meri Kahaniyaan
The people’s favorite husband-wife duo, Hira and Mani will be appearing together for the first time in Jin Mahal by Nabeel Qureshi. Pasoori by Marina Khan casts the never-before-seen on-screen couple, Sheheryar Munawar and Ramsha Khan in a frenzy of a story. Lastly, cinema Queen Mehwish Hayat will be appearing alongside the modern-day Pakistan heartthrob Wahaj Ali in his silver screen debut in Aik Sau Taeswaan joined by industry icon Zahid Ahmed who strikes a brooding figure alongside celebrated model and actress Amna Ilyas in Aik Sau Taeswaan by Nadeem Baig.
27 Jun 2023
Bloody Bites soundtrack
Bloody Bites
Bloody Bites is a compilation of snack-sized horror films that will terrorize, astonish, and disturb.
30 Sep 2020
Shakespeare in the Park: Richard III soundtrack
Shakespeare in the Park: Richard III
Experience The Public Theater’s Free Shakespeare in the Park production of Shakespeare’s tragedy with one of his most indelible villains starring Danai Gurira in the title role. Recorded live in July 2022 from Central Park.
18 May 2023
Vilda Kockar soundtrack
Vilda Kockar
31 May 2023
Season 1
Haunted Transylvania: Party Like A Frankenstein soundtrack
Haunted Transylvania: Party Like A Frankenstein
Halloween is finally here and there's so much fun to be had in Monster Town. Brains the adorable zombie and Woof the werewolf pup travel up and down Monster Town looking for something very important, the best Halloween scare ever.
6 Sep 2021
Danmarks hemmelige atombunker soundtrack
Danmarks hemmelige atombunker
9 Feb 2023
The Man, the Myth, Superman soundtrack
The Man, the Myth, Superman
Documentary how the Superman character has been influenced by several elements of ancient mythology
31 Dec 2008
Volga Rebels soundtrack
Volga Rebels
The film shows the struggle of the Chuvash people for their rights at the beginning of the 20th century.
31 Dec 1925
Playou Level Up: Villain's World soundtrack
Playou Level Up: Villain's World
Season 2 of the Real-time interactive variety show where the collective intelligence and creativity of the viewers will help Yoo Jae Suk survive and complete a new mission each week.
24 Apr 2023
Season 1

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