ID Copy soundtrack
ID Copy
What happens when your ID does not tell the truth?
31 Dec 2019
I Might Go and Throw My Phone Into The Lake, Yeah soundtrack
I Might Go and Throw My Phone Into The Lake, Yeah
We started thinking through testosterone in gel and expanded to elements such as tears; warm beer; holy water; and mercury. With such, we propose a new constellation of technologies through a narration on vulnerability. Tools to destroy and disappear, but also to expand and nourish. A homage to the symbolic link in a drop of water and a late-night DM; a soaked jacket coming back home and trying to resuscitate a phone in rice. The film was created through a back-to-back dialogue between "makers". It’s a research on writing and filming, and simultaneously on affection and subjectivity. It was filmed in Super-8 and 16mm film.
31 Dec 2021
Arthur L’aventurier : les animaux du monde en Australie soundtrack
Arthur L’aventurier : les animaux du monde en Australie
11 Feb 2020
Season 1
I'd go to the Moon with you soundtrack
I'd go to the Moon with you
A man wrestling with his health goes on a date with the one he adores.
30 Jan 2023
Queen Of LA soundtrack
Queen Of LA
A journey into the mind and music of GLÜME as she struggles with the pain and pleasure of controlling her life whilst confronting her deep past
31 Dec 1969
Devine combien je gagne soundtrack
Devine combien je gagne
14 Nov 2009
Season 1
MASC soundtrack
Through interviews with three trans individuals, MASC examines how masculinity has the capacity to bring both utter joy and harsh double standards to those who are living their truths. This documentary complicates the common narratives of transgender lives by incorporating discussions of societal expectations and non-binary identity into the conversation.
31 Dec 2017
Célibataires et nus Québec soundtrack
Célibataires et nus Québec
31 Aug 2016
Season 1
FLORESCENCE soundtrack
A short animated music video celebrating trans joy, trans love, and trans existence. It's made using a combination of analogue and digital animation techniques, including 35mm film photography, rotoscoping, and traditional frame by frame animation.
31 Dec 1969
29 Jan 2023
Season 1
Le Parfait Autiste soundtrack
Le Parfait Autiste
29 Nov 2019
Y Sŵn soundtrack
Y Sŵn
In 1979, when Margaret Thatcher's first government breaks a promise to establish a Welsh language television channel, a wave of civil disobedience follows. One man - Gwynfor Evans - threatens to starve himself to death unless the government comes good on its manifesto pledge. The reimagining of one of the most colourful chapters in contemporary Welsh history.
12 Mar 2023
Riefenstahl soundtrack
31 Dec 1969
Česká fotbalová mašina soundtrack
Česká fotbalová mašina
18 Oct 2021
Putin vs the West soundtrack
Putin vs the West
From the 2014 seizure of Crimea to the invasion of Ukraine, this is the inside story of a decade of clashes - as told by the Western leaders who traded blows with Putin's Russia.
29 Jan 2023
내친나똑(내 친구들은 나보다 똑똑하다) soundtrack
내친나똑(내 친구들은 나보다 똑똑하다)
29 Jan 2023
Season 1

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