Kebaja Fantasi soundtrack
Kebaja Fantasi
Martono falls in love with Susilowati, who is called the "Kebaya Fantasi". But Susilowati's father, Dahlan, opposes the relationship. Martono is just a driver, while Dahlan, a car repair shop owner, prefers a rich man as son-in-law. Dahlan pairs off "Kebaya Fantasi" to Darwis, a rich kid. But Lily, a female bandit, already has her heart set on Darwis. Because of Lily, Darwis is arrested by the police. He is involved in a robbery that is masterminded by Lily. This paves the way for Martono to approach Susilowati. Moreover, Dahlan's business is actually funded by Amijaya, Martono's long lost father.
16 Sep 1954
Oh! My Boss! Koi wa Bessatsu de soundtrack
Oh! My Boss! Koi wa Bessatsu de
Suzuki Nami is an ordinary girl with no particular dream and only wants a moderate amount of work and love. She decides to go to Tokyo to chase after her crush, Kenya. However, instead of working at the equipment management department where Kenya belongs, Nami has been assigned to the magazine editorial department and meets Hourai Reiko, the youngest editor-in-chief who is very smart but has a poisonous tongue. Nami becomes stress as she constantly gets criticized by Reiko for her poor working performance. At the same time, Nami meets cameraman Junnosuke, a son from a rich family who made a surprising proposal to Nami. Nami who used to want a moderate amount of work and love is now running at full speed towards both.
12 Jan 2021
Season 1
Sehidup Semati soundtrack
Sehidup Semati
A medical student, Kusmayadi, the son of Dr. Sugiharto, is going for a vacation in Bandung with Selikur and Winarto. There he meets up with Asmarani, and later on, both vow to be together forever. Dr. Sugiharto opposes their relationship, since he has arranged Kusmayadi's marriage with Lasminah, the daughter of a trader. The relation of Kusmayadi-Asmarani is successfully broken. Asmarani falls ill and dies. When Kusmayadi know the news, he falls ill and dies too.
25 May 1949
Game Grumps Animated soundtrack
Game Grumps Animated
The best segments of Game Grumps episodes get ANIMATED.
1 Jan 1970
No episodes
Saputangan soundtrack
Hardjono gives a handkerchief to his girlfriend, Karnasih, as a token of love. During their holiday together, Karnasih experiences an accident and becomes blind. Hardjono then goes abroad to study eye medicine. Upon his return, he conducts a surgery on his girlfriend's eyes and succeeds.
30 Mar 1949
Najhorší týždeň môjho života soundtrack
Najhorší týždeň môjho života
7 Jan 2021
Season 1
The Calling of the Lost Emerald soundtrack
The Calling of the Lost Emerald
Two agents of the Geo Society are sent to a far away land to seek a legendary emerald hidden deep beneath the jungle.
10 Apr 2019
Gate to the Globe soundtrack
Gate to the Globe
Tim Lambourne tracks the journey of Maori exporting and celebrates the unsung heroes of the primary sector. From tennis balls at the US Open to venison at the Burj Kalifa, Maori are supplying some of the most sophisticated international markets.
2 Jan 2021
Picasso and his dog soundtrack
Picasso and his dog
Picasso and His Dog is inspired by the true life story of Pablo Picasso and his sausage dog Lump. This delightful show celebrates the animals with whom we share our lives while exploring what it is to be creative and to create.
1 Apr 2019
School Cop soundtrack
School Cop
atsuya Fujiwara plays a talented detective who trades hardened criminals for troubled teenagers. Placed in an unruly public junior high school, he gets to work contending with the many problems it faces and uncovers some more serious ones. While the detective tries to operate in the hard-line way he knows best, he finds himself confronted by a skeptical and fiery teacher, played by award winning actress Yoko Maki.
12 Jan 2021
Season 1
Blue Moon soundtrack
Blue Moon
As a desperately uninspired band struggles to come up with an original song, their lead singer unexpectedly finds inspiration in a curious house that appears to have a mind of its own.
4 Dec 2018
Honki no Shirushi soundtrack
Honki no Shirushi
Tsuji Kazumichi is a bored office worker in questionable relationships with two women at work. One day he meets the intriguing Hayama Ukiyo at a convenience store. However, having her in his life brings nothing but trouble.
15 Oct 2019
Den of Monsters soundtrack
Den of Monsters
A girl with kongfu team got into den of monsters to save her brother.
21 Jul 2016
Caminhos Da Fama soundtrack
Caminhos Da Fama
16 Dec 2020
Toute Seule soundtrack
Toute Seule
Inspired by the French New Wave, Toute Seule follows the journey of a young girl named Celine played by Sophia Aste as she finds self-love within isolation. watch at: https://youtu.be/9Le5dBbw0d8
12 Jan 2021
Secret Army soundtrack
Secret Army
In 1940, Hitler was poised to invade Britain. This is the hitherto untold story of the British Resistance movement, set up around the coast, by Winston Churchill.
1 Jan 1970
My Friends Behind Barbed Wire soundtrack
My Friends Behind Barbed Wire
In the spring of 1942, Japanese Americans in Seattle were uprooted from their homes and incarcerated first at "Camp Harmony" at the Western Washington Fairgrounds in Puyallup and then in Minidoka, Idaho. As a young Caucasian child, and son of the pastor of the Seattle Japanese Baptist Church, Brooks Andrews had a unique perspective on this horrific event. My Friends Behind Barbed Wire reflects on the role Brooks' father played as he moved his family from Seattle to Minidoka.
1 Jan 1970
Ruk Kohok soundtrack
Ruk Kohok
1 Jan 1970
Season 1
Jesus soundtrack
Michel Auder’s Jesus – in which underground NY artists and Warhol superstars openly discuss their beliefs. Jesus – which premiered as a screening at The Kitchen in 1980 – mixes documentary elements such as footage of evangelical TV programs, books, cartoons, paintings, and other Jesus related imagery – with performances including Taylor Mead as a priest in the West Village and Florence Lambert playing a crucified Jesus. Also, intercut throughout are surprisingly candid interviews with Auder’s friends, family, and people he approaches on New York City streets about their faith and relationship to the world’s most famous person. Among those interviewed are Diego Cortez, Jackie Curtis, Gerard Malanga, Alice Neel (Andrew Neel’s grandmother), Larry Rivers, and Viva.
1 Jan 1979
Pole Position soundtrack
Pole Position
8 Jan 2021

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