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Winter Wonderland Clint Mansell
0:01 opening credits' opening song. A group of muggers are killing a young Japanese student at the tunnel as Carol describes her sex life with Bruce.
Robbo's Theme Clint Mansell
0:02 Bruce Robertson tells the story of Scotland and the wonderfulness of being a Scot. At the entrance, Bruce and Laddox confront the pedophile. Song with the final end credits (1:36).
You Make Me Wanna Dance Richard Myhill
0:05 Bruce Robertson envisions a male stripper Peter Inglis dancing.
It's All Over Me Otis Blackwell
0:07 While Ray and Carol discuss the promotion in the car, Carol talks about how much she wants to make out with Bruce after he receives it.
Dr. Love Tom Jones
0:13 depicts various women while Bruce has sex with Chrissie, Gillman's wife.
Born to Be Wild Wilson Pickett
0:18 Bruce strolls through Scotland's streets.
Back Door Santa Clarence Carter
0:20 To a lesbian porno, Bruce masturbates. Bruce switches channels when a black man walks into the porno.
Rigoletto, Act III: "La donna è mobile" Carlo Maria Giulini, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra & Plácido Domingo
0:20 Dr. Rossi discusses Bruce's medication with him.
Jingle Bells Colin Bawldry & Tom Kane
0:22 At the holiday party, Bruce runs into Clifford Blades.
Good King Wenceslas Colin Bawldry & Tom Kane
0:24 Bruce is tasked by Toal with supervising the Blades' prank caller.
Les noces de Figaro, K. 492: Ouverture Herbert von Karajan & Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
0:26 When Bruce gets to the Blades' house, he introduces himself to Clifford and his wife as they talk about the prank calls the wife has been getting.
The Little Drummer Boy Harry Simeone Chorale
0:33 When Bruce begins to experience vivid hallucinations of his younger, deceased brother, he is using drugs.
Theme from Elvira Madigan 101 Strings Orchestra
0:34 Dr. Rossi and Bruce are talking about Bruce's drug addiction and the tapeworm inside of him in a room.
Don't You Want Me - Single Version Felix
0:38 When Bruce and Ray first enter the strip club, a stripper gives them "DNA" samples of the suspect.
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday Roy Wood’s Wizzard
0:39 Bruce invites his coworkers over for a game at the office Christmas party.
Mr. Vain Recall - Radio Edit Culture Beat
0:40 In order for the women to determine who has the largest penis, Bruce's colleagues enter the photo-copy room and photocopy their penises.
It's My Life Dr. Alban
0:42 When Bruce and his coworkers arrive at a club, they begin dancing. Bruce pays a restroom employee to pose as Inglis' boyfriend.
Mercy The Third Degree
0:44 Bruce gets ready for his Hamburg vacation.
99 Luftballons Nena
0:45 plays throughout the vacation montage for Bruce and Blades in Hamburg.
Sandstorm Darude
0:48 Blades is distracted by Bruce as he adds LSD to his whiskey glass. As he dances with the gay couple, Blades downs a drink from the glass and begins to experience the LSD's effects.
How to Start a Revolution Some Velvet Morning
0:53 Bruce and Ray are snorting cocaine lines at Ray's house while barely audibly playing in his stereo.
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow The Shirelles
0:58 Bruce starts crying as he watches a family video of his wife and daughter. He then begins playing pranks on Bunty after picking up the phone. Bruce begins to masturbate excessively as a result of their intimate conversation.
Dr.Rossi Jim Broadbent
1:01 After Bruce realizes Carol has left him for another man, Dr. Rossi begins to make fun of him. (Sung in Good King Wenceslas' style)
Silver Lady David Soul
1:02 David Soul and Carole are singing along to his song on the taxi radio as they get into the cab.
Merry Christmas Everyone Shakin' Stevens
1:03 In his car, Bruce awakens and begins to throw up. He drives to work while snorting cocaine.
La Traviata: "Libiamo Ne'lieti Calici (Brindisi) Luciano Pavarotti, National Philharmonic Orchestra, Richard Bonynge, Dame Joan Sutherland & The London Opera Chorus
1:09 While Bruce confronts Blade's wife about the prank caller, Clifford Blades is throwing up by the driveway. As Bruce begins to experience unsettling hallucinations, they get drunk and start having sex on the floor. Clifford's recording is then played by Bruce after he takes the tape recorder out.
Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67: I. Allegro con brio London Symphony Orchestra & Don Jackson
1:12 Davie, Bruce's younger brother, passed away, and Dr. Rossi confronts Bruce about it.
Creep Clint Mansell & Coco Sumner
1:32 Bruce prepares to hang himself at the conclusion by sending Clifford a video tape.
Love Really Hurts Without You Billy Ocean
1:35 credits come to an end.

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Filth (2013) Closing Credits
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Clint Mansell - DS Bruce Robertson (Filth OST)
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Creep - Clint Mansell and Eliot Sumner (Radiohead cover) OST Filth, (James McAvoy)
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Culture Beat - Mr. Vain Recall (Filth Soundtrack)
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Billy Ocean - love really hurts without you (FILTH soundtrack)
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Clint Mansell - Reeperbahn Madness (Filth OST)
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Creep - Clint Mansell & Coco Sumner
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FILTH 2013 - Soundtrack: Billy Ocean - ''Love Really Hurts Without You'' \\ Lyrics
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Filth (2013) - Best scene
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Filth movie ending
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Filth (Official Soundtrack Mini-Sampler)
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Filth - Same rules apply
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My Name Is Frank Sidebottom | Filth 2013
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Filth (2013) | Same rules apply
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Filth (2013) | The games are always being played
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Filth - Movie Clip #2 starring James McAvoy
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Filth - Official 12a Trailer - HD
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Filth (2013) | Christmas morning at the office
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FILTH OST - Clint Mansell & Eliot Paulina Sumner - Creep (Radiohead Cover)
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Trailer Songs

Filthy/Gorgeous Scissor Sisters
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Pumpin' Irony Blues Saraceno
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We Are Golden Raphael Lake, Ben Fisher & Royal Baggs
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Born In a Motor Rotor Jambreks
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Down The Road C2C
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