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Emergency Declaration soundtrack
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Girl from the North Country
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added on: 6 May 2020
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Emergency Declaration About

An aircraft forced to declare an emergency when an unprecedented terror incident occurs in-flight.

Countries: South Korea
Released on: 30 Dec 2020     Boxoffice: unknown

Song Kang-hoIn-ho
Lee Byung-hunJae-hyuk
Jeon Do-yeonSook-hee
Kim Nam-gilHyun-soo
Yim Si-wanJin-seok
Kim So-jinHee-jin
Park Hae-junTae-su
Seol In-aTae-eun
Kim Bo-minSoo-min
Moon SookDr. Han
Woo Mi-hwaHye-yoon
Hyun Bong-sikYoon-cheol
Kwon Han-solMin-jung
Lee Yul-eumSi-young
Lim Hyung-kookCaptain
Kim Kuk-heeMi-ryang
Kim Hak-sunYoon-seok
Lee Si-wonIn-seon
Im Sung-jaeJong-su
Kang Mal-geumSurvivor
Nam Myung-ryeolDirector of the National Security Office
Kim Ho-jungMinister of Health and Welfare
Lee Hwa-ryongDirector of KCDC
Maurice Turner Jr.
Lee Jae-eunNews anchor
Wang Jong-myungNews anchor
Kwak Min-kyu
Yoon Se-woong


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