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Cracker s02e04 soundtrack
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Episode title: The Big Crunch (1)

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A young girl missing for several days is discovered naked, covered in strange symbols and quoting the Bible. The trail leads to a fringe Christian sect and its charismatic leader.
Gatunek: Crime, Drama
Countries: GB
Released on: 30 Oct 1994     Boxoffice: unknown

Robbie ColtraneDr. Eddie 'Fitz' Fitzgerald
Christopher EcclestonDCI David Bilborough
Geraldine Somerville
Barbara Flynn
Kieran O'Brien
Ricky Tomlinson
Lorcan Cranitch
Tess Thomson
Clive RussellDanny Fitzgerald
Samantha Morton
James Fleet
Maureen O'Brien
Jim CarterKenneth Trant


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